Thursday, April 2, 2015

30 - The darkest night will pass…

Trevor leaned back in his chair, looking at Kemp. “Who won, you or the vampyre?”

It took Kemp a second to get what he meant. The wounds were barely visible now, but to a practiced eye it was evident what had caused them. “I did.”

“Good to know.” Trevor nodded, tapping his fingers on the table. Then he said, “How would you feel about taking over the territory on a permanent basis?”

“Are you kidding?” Kemp looked at him in shock. “Why the hell would you give it up?”

“Two reasons. One, I want to move up north to be with Del. And secondly because the city she’s living in is in desperate need of a dhampir.”

“So things worked out between you,” Kemp said, grinning.

Trevor nodded. “We’re on our way to their being good again, yeah. So what do you say? Or do you want some time to think about it?”

“It’s a big responsibility, Trev. Yeah, give me at least a day and then I’ll let you know.”

“You want to consult with Seth.”

“It’s only fair that I do, if I want things to go anywhere with him, or vise versa.”

“At least he doesn’t have a Sire watching over him who’ll want to stick his nose in.”

Kemp chuckled. “You do know who he’s staying with at the moment.”

“Rikard?” Trevor broke into laughter. “Now that’s funny. But you’re both old enough to make your own decisions. I really doubt Rikard would try to stop you if it’s what you both want.”

“He hadn’t better.” He glanced out the window and then pushed away from the table.

Trevor got it and said, “If you want me to leave for an hour or so…”

Kemp thought about and shook his head. “He has to go back to Rikard's to change clothes for work. I’ll go with him if he wants. That way I can talk to him without jumping his bones, since Rikard’s not likely to be quite as accommodating as you.”

“Okay. And, umm, Kemp? Change the sheets before you go.”

Rolling his eyes, Kemp went into the bedroom to wait for Seth to wake up.


  1. I like this. He is healing and Seth is good for him. I am glad. Can't wait for more!

    1. Seth is, I suspect, just what he needed. We'll see.