Tuesday, March 31, 2015

29 - The darkest night will pass…

Kemp slid over, snuggling against the cool body next to him. He was sore in places he hadn’t been in---he couldn’t remember how long. Not that he was going to complain; far from it. As soon as evening came he intended to go for at least one repeat performance before Seth had leave for work. He started to doze off again when he heard the sound of someone unlocking the front door to the house.

Instantly he was on his feet, his blades gripped tightly in each hand as he moved stealthily to the bedroom door. Peering cautiously out into the hallway he froze when the tip of a silver sword pressed against his throat.

“Damn, Trev, would you warn a guy that you’re back in the city.” Kemp stepped into the hall to look at his friend.

Trevor shook his head. “Since when has this house become clothing optional and who’s the vampyre in my bed? And you’d better say Seth or I’m having your head examined.”

“Seth, and he’s already given my head a through examination thanks.” Kemp replied straight-faced.

“Gods, I think I liked you better when you were morose. That was awful. Now go put on some jeans and come out and talk to me. I want to know exactly what’s going on and why.”

A few minutes later Kemp sat down at the table across from Trevor, talking a big gulp of hot coffee. “So ask away.”

“How long have you two been sharing my bed?”

“Since last night. And before you get pissed, we were going to use the floor but it was too damned hard even with a couple of blankets laid down.”

“I don’t care about the bed. The question is, is this a serious relationship or just a one night stand?”

Kemp smiled. “He doesn’t do those.”

“What about you?” Trevor asked knowingly.

“I’m not a virgin, but I’m not a whore either. It’s been years since I used my body to earn my way down here the first time. Something, by the way, that I’d rather not let Seth know about until, well, until I know that we really have something going on between us.”

“Are you having second thoughts?”

“I’m not,” Kemp replied adamantly, “but he’s older than me. A lot older and wiser. Once he realizes he’s thinking of hooking up with someone a tenth of his age he might change his mind.”

“I doubt that. You’ve got a lot to offer and if he’s got an ounce of sense he already knows that.”

“I hope so.” Kemp glanced towards the bedroom. “I really hope so.”

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