Tuesday, March 17, 2015

22 - The darkest night will pass…

“By the way Seth, you rather deftly avoided my implied question a while ago.” Rikard said as he watched the young vampyre finish feeding.

Once he’d sealed the bite wounds and erased the donor’s memory of what had happened, Seth smiled. “And just what question was that?”

“If you find Kemp interesting?”

“Of course I do. He’s the first dhampir I’ve met. Well him and Trevor. I find that quite fascinating. They’re not at all what I expected.”

“I’m sure they’re not. They don’t have horns and claws and long spiked tails.”

Seth gave Rikard a ‘duh’ look. “That’s not what I meant and you know it. But I did expect a great deal of hostility, even hatred, and they don’t seem to have that at all. Well, towards us at least.”

“Believe me, according to the stories I’ve heard, that’s exactly how Trevor was until fairly recently. He killed us without a thought. Now he makes it a practice to slay only those of us who are killers or brutal towards our donors. Kemp’s story is different but the results are the same.”

“Kemp’s going to be a force to reckon with in time I think, given who his father is.”

“Indeed. He and his brother, who as you now know is Rian’s Child. You also will have powers beyond your years. In fact I suspect you do already. You just need to be taught to use them.”

“I suppose, if my abilities would let me deal with rogues the way you did with Hakim. I just don’t want to become like him, or Khalid.”

“What you become, how you act, has nothing to do with the fact that you’re a vampyre. The concern you showed Kemp should prove that to you.”

“And you managed to bring the conversation back around to him again,” Seth said, smiling in amusement.

Rikard chuckled. “I’m clever that way. Seriously, however, you could do worse than to become his friend. He’s a good young man, and I truly think he needs to be around someone his own age who understands him. Emphasis on ‘his own age’. And before you protest, Seth, you may be older than him in reality but I think up here,” Rikard tapped his forehead, “you’re still twenty-four in a great many ways.”

“I’ll…take that under advisement. However, before I do anything else I do have to find a job and a place of my own. I appreciate the offer to live with you and I’m not turning it down. I just have to be my own person. Something I haven’t really been since I first met Khalid. Those two years with Mark were the closest I ever came to that.”

“I understand. Feel free to be my guest until you get on your feet. And afterward, well as cliché as it may sound, think of me as a father, or maybe an uncle—willing to give you advice when you ask for it, and to have you over for the holidays, especially Christmas. I do love having someone to give presents to.”

“Now that, sir, is an offer I most certainly cannot refuse.”