Tuesday, February 17, 2015

8 - The darkest night will pass…

Two more boring, frustrating nights passed before Leif finally found what he was looking for. He’d stayed away from Kemp and Trevor---making contact only by phone---just in case the rogue or his minions were indeed watching Kemp. If they were they were definitely playing a waiting game. But then, if the rogue was searching for Khalid’s killers he probably knew that more than the pair of dhampir were involved, and wanted to find the others as well.

On the fourth night Leif decided to expand his search area. He crossed Canal St. to the casino and its environs—a prime source for victims he though. Catch someone coming out, lead them down towards the river with its many dark areas and dine to your heart’s content.

He had called it correctly on that factor, spotting two of his kind taking advantage of the location. Not the two he wanted, however. So he strolled on, searching.

And then he felt it, the signature of one of his targets. This time he had no intention of loosing him. Wrapping himself in darkness, masking what he was, Leif raced after him, dodging the humans that filled the streets. Bumping into one would only slow him down and scare the shit out of them, as he was invisible to the human eye now.

Turning the corner he saw his target halfway down the street, his arm around the waist of a woman while he steered her toward an alley behind one of the hotels. Leif slowed his pace as he followed them. The minion dragged his prey a few yards into the alley and pushed her up against the wall, clamping his hand over her mouth to mask her startled cry.

Leif dropped his shielding as he walked slowly towards them. The minion looked up and snarled before dipping his head, his elongated fangs pressing against the woman’s jugular. Reaching them just before the minion could bite into the woman; Leif said to him, “You’re poaching in my territory.”

The minion hissed angrily, gripping the woman’s bared throat tightly with one hand as he turned to tell Leif, “I feed when I want, where I want.”

“Then you are breaking the Laws,” Leif pointed out.

“The Laws?” The minion sneered. “We don’t follow any laws.”

“Oh really?” Leif shifted his stance, pressing one hand against the wall beside the woman’s head as he looked down at the minion. “What makes you so special?”

“The Master. He does what he pleases when he pleases and no one has the power to stop him.”

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