Monday, February 9, 2015

4 - The darkest night will pass…

Leif leaned back, resting his elbows on the bar as he made a pretense of sipping the beer Trevor had bought him. “Do those two come here often?”

“This is the second time I’ve seen them here,” Kemp replied. “The first time they just came and went and never became visible. We’d just finished rehearsing and the club was about to open for the night.”

“They were here before opening? I don’t like that one bit.”

Trevor nodded in agreement. “Now that they’ve shown up again, I have to agree with you Leif. You didn’t tell me that bit of it, Kemp,” he said accusingly.

“Sorry. Yeah, they came out from the back, looked around and left. I thought they were just scoping the place out for future reference. If I hadn’t known they were the rogue's minions I’d have dealt with them.” He frowned, looking at his companions. “Why does it matter anyway if they’re hanging out here? We know they frequent the clubs in town searching for victims.”

Trevor shot a quick glance at Leif before saying, “If they know what you are Kemp, and they probably do, they may be taunting you by returning, daring you to come after them.”

“I suppose that’s possible, if they want to see if the ‘baby dhampir’ has the chops to deal with them. Gods I hate that nickname.”

“You’re never going to live it down until someone newer comes along,” Trevor told him, chuckling. “But seriously, don’t take them up on it. Follow them if the chance arises but play keep-away.”

“A chance like now,” Leif said as the pair moved towards the hallway leading to the rear exit of the club.

Trevor was on his feet even as Leif spoke. “See you both later.” When Kemp started to join him he said, “Sit, stay. I think you have another set coming up real quick anyway.”

Kemp started to protest until Leif gripped his arm to tell him, “You do. Like right now if the fact that the band is going on stage again is any indication.”

Torn, Kemp nodded. “Alright, but damn it…” He watched Trevor leave and sighed.

“It’s not like he was planning on taking them down, bro, so go do you thing. Besides,"—Leif grinned as he took out his cell phone—“I need more pics of you up there to send Father.”

“Alright, alright, I’m going,” Kemp laughed when his brother gave him a small shove towards the stage. “Bossy.”

“Always,” Leif agreed. “It’s the older brother’s prerogative.”

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