Saturday, February 7, 2015

3 - The darkest night will pass…

“Exactly what do you know about this rogue other than what you’ve told me?” Leif asked.

Just then one of the rogue’s minions became visible and stepped out of the shadows at the back of the club, homing in on a woman sitting alone at one of the tables surrounding the small stage.

“Kemp,” Trevor ordered, “go chat her up before he gets his hooks into her.”

Once Kemp had left the bar, Trevor answered Leif’s question. “He’s a young adult for starters, close to two hundred and fifty.”

“So he’s on the cusp of being middle-aged. Is that all you know? Any description at all?”

“I know one more thing.” Trevor glanced across the room to make certain that Kemp wasn’t going to be returning soon. He smiled slightly when he saw his protégé sitting at the woman’s table, the vampyre now back with his companion.

Leif caught him checking on Kemp and said, “Something you don’t want my brother to know.”

“Exactly. The word is that the rogue is a Child of Khalid’s.”

Leif blew out a long breath. “Now we know why he’s so savage.”

“Yes, savage and wily. He learned his lessons well unfortunately.”

“Tell me something if you can. Could he be in the city because he’s looking for Khalid’s killers?”

“Honestly, I’ve been wondering that myself.”

Leif nodded. “Should I invite Kemp to come home with me for at least the foreseeable future? Just to be on the safe side?”

Trevor snorted. “Lots of luck with that.”

“I figured as much. In that case I’m going to extend my vacation until we take down this rogue.”

Kemp overheard his brother as he came back to the bar. “You’re what?” he asked in surprise.

“Hanging around here to help you two. I can get the local vampyres to talk to me. Something neither of you has a ghost of a chance of doing.”

“Not with Rikard out of town at the moment,” Trevor admitted. “We may be discriminating in who we take out but they don’t know that.”

Kemp wasn’t at all certain he wanted Leif involved, but he had the feeling he’d be hard pressed to make him change his mind. He was going to give it a shot anyway. “You know the two minions probably saw you with us.”

Leif nodded. “Good point, but they’re younger than me and I’m shielded so they’ll think I’m just another human. However I will have to do something to alter my appearance before I start hitting the streets. I’ve been doing undercover work for the last year so I should be able to handle that.”

“You’ve what?” Kemp growled. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“And have you worry? I so don’t think so.”

“Does father know?”

“Yes, and he’s fine with it. I mean come on Kemp, it’s not as if I can’t take care of myself all things considered.”

“I… Yeah, I guess.” Kemp knew he could but he still wasn’t happy with the idea.


  1. Yey! So good. So glad you decided to continue right away! Love it. Can't wait for more!

    1. Had to do it before people forgot part one. *G*