Wednesday, February 25, 2015

12 - The darkest night will pass…

From their vantage place in the shadows of the park across the street from the abandoned building, Trevor and the others watched and mentally searched for the rogue and his minions. The fact that no vampyre could shield itself from a dhampir would give them the edge they just might need if the rogue was as powerful as they thought he might be.

And that, Kemp had decided even though he hadn’t voiced it, was a very big ‘if’. Why would someone who was supposedly so powerful remain in hiding? Every vampyre he’d ever run into, and that included the good ones as well as the bad, were more than willing to let others know what powers they had. Be it for their own protection, to make others fear them, or out of bravado to show off, they rarely concealed what they were capable of doing. And yet this rogue had apparently never been seen except by the two vampyres who called themselves his minions.

All right, so presuming he really is a Child of Khalid’s as Rikard and Trevor believe, that does not mean he’s strong. At least in theory. Khalid was undoubtedly the kind of vampyre who reveled in how many he could turn and make his. Just suppose this rogue is using his heritage to make others think… His thoughts were interrupted when Rikard let them know that the rogue and his minions had arrived.

“Leif and I will enter first as planned, Trevor. You and Kemp follow once we have their attention.”

With that said Rickard and Leif vanished from sight. Trevor gave them to the count of thirty to arrive at their destination and then started across the street with Kemp close behind. Both of them had their weapons out as they slipped through the shadows to the rear of the building. Trevor signaled for Kemp to wait while he moved cautiously through the rubble of the destroyed section of the back wall. He was back moments later, murmuring so softly Kemp barely heard him, “If the kid in there is the rogue, then he was turned when he was your age.”

Kemp nodded, mouthing, “Do we go in now?”

Without replying Trevor moved stealthily forward. Taking that as a ‘yes’ Kemp followed, every sense on alert. As they entered the building they saw the two minions talking to Leif.

Leif’s response to whatever they were saying was a sharp laugh of amusement as he jerked his thumb towards a young, handsome vampyre who was standing a few feet to one side of the minions. “This is the fearsome rogue that you follow like a pair of pups?”

“Do you doubt it?” one minion hissed.

“Well, he is quite young, still almost a boy.”

The rogue took a step towards Leif. “In appearance, perhaps, but I am much older than I look.”

“The story has it that you’re two hundred and fifty,” Leif shot back.

The rogue smiled tightly, nodding.

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