Monday, February 23, 2015

11 - The darkest night will pass…

“Any place in the building where Trev and I can hide and remain unseen?” Kemp asked.

“Yeah, there’s a couple of good hiding places, or you could wait outside.” Leif said.

“Not happening,” Kemp growled. “He’s not going to come alone, if for no other reason than to show off to his minions that he can take down a powerful rival.”

“Another thing that’s not happening, is you coming along with us,” Trevor said firmly. “And before you try to argue with me, Kemp, think about it. Leif is family and you love him. If it looks like things are going the wrong way, your emotions could override you common sense. You try to jump into the fray and not only will you be endangering yourself but him. You’ll break his concentration and then he’ll be worried about your well-being as well as his own.”

“I disagree,” Leif said before Kemp could respond. “Kemp’s old enough now to know how to handle himself, and I think he’s wise enough to know not to pull some lame ass stunt to try to save me if he thinks I’m in trouble. He’ll be good back up. Almost as good as you, Trev.”

Doing his best to keep any note of pleading out of his voice, Kemp said, “I’m not the kid I was when you first met me, Trev. You know that. You’ve trained me well and I have good instincts, or so you say. I can’t stay behind and worry when I could be there to help if I’m needed.”

Trevor thought about what they were saying. Finally he said, “I’m still against this but you both have good points. However,” he looked sternly at Kemp, “you will do what I say, and if I tell you to get out of there you go without arguing.”

“Yes Sir,” Kemp replied seriously. “I promise.”

“Good.” Trevor tapped a knuckle on the table. “I’m trying to decide if we should find more back-up, just in case. Do you think Sinclair knows a vampyre or two who might be willing, Kemp?”

“Will I do?” There was a brief disturbance in the air and Rikard stepped into view. “I have a vested interest it dealing with The Master.”

“About time you joined us,” Trevor said with a chuckle.

“I should have known you were aware of my presence.” Rickard took a seat next to him. “Leif, it’s good to see you again, and in better circumstances than the last time.”

“Not sure they’re better but at least different.”

“Wait a minute.” Kemp looked at Rikard questioningly. “What do you mean you have a vested interest in the rogue?”

Before either Trevor or Leif could stop him from replying Rikard said, “Because he’s another of Khalid’s children.” When Trevor growled angrily, Rikard told him, “He has to know. Keeping it a secret won’t work because The Master, as he calls himself, will be quite certain to mention it once he knows Kemp is there. Better that Kemp knows it now and comes to terms with it.”

Leif put a hand on Kemp’s shoulder when he saw him pale in shock and anger.

Pulling away Kemp glared at him and then Trevor. “What did you think would happen if you told me? I’m not a child anymore but you keep acting as if I were. I won’t fall apart just because that bastard’s name is mentioned. And I for damned sure wouldn’t have gone off half-cocked to try to take out his fucking Child just to…to prove something.” He took a deep breath. “Is that why the rogue is here? Is he looking for us?”

“It’s a possibility,” Rikard replied. “We won’t know until tomorrow night.”

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