Saturday, February 21, 2015

10 - The darkest night will pass…

“The Master?” Kemp snorted in derision as Leif finished telling him and Trevor about what had gone down.

Rather than meeting at Trevor’s house or anywhere else public, Trevor had suggested a small park hidden away in the recesses of a residential area not too far from the club where Kemp was working. Now the three males sat at a battered picnic table, their senses wide open to the possibility of any approaching vampyres.

“An affectation, admittedly, but we’re not going to take him lightly,” Leif stated. “The fact that no one’s cracked down on him—or can even find him, apparently—tells us he has something going for him beside luck.”

Kemp nodded. “He’s younger than you thought, which should give you the edge, and we’ll be there to back you up.”

“Just because he’s younger doesn’t mean he’s not powerful, especially if his Sire was old or ancient,” Trevor pointed out.

“Exactly,” Leif agreed. “I have more than the normal abilities for a vampyre of my age because of our father, Kemp.”

“Meaning if the King here is an ancient…”

“He’s old, but not ancient. You know that,” Trevor said in reminder. What he wouldn’t say was that the King was not the rogue’s Sire, and the vampyre who was had been extremely powerful.

“Anyway, Leif is older and better than this Master dude so hopefully after tomorrow night this will all be over.”

Leif laughed softly. “Nice to know my brother has faith in me.”

“Well duh. Even when I’m pissed at you I still know you’re better than most.”

“Only most?” Leif shot him a hurt look.

“Come on, you’re not father, so at least one vampyre tops you, and as a brother you’re the best one I have—that I know about anyway. And, well hell…”

“I was teasing you, you nut. I knew what you meant and I took it in the spirit it was offered.”

“Now that we’ve established that let’s get back to the problem at hand,” Trevor said. “The rogue is not going to show up unaccompanied. After all, he’s managed to avoid being captured so far, and that’s because he’s smart and wily. If his minion got back to him immediately after talking to you, Leif, then the rogue is undoubtedly already checking out the building to see how he can use it to his advantage.”

Leif nodded, drumming his fingers on the top of the table. “The building’s two stories tall and badly damaged with half the back wall gone. Most of the interior walls and the first floor ceiling are just rubble now.”