Wednesday, January 14, 2015

50 - ‘Come gentle night…’

“Nothing yet,” Trevor said softly to Kemp, knowing Marston and Rikard could hear him as well. He and Kemp were walking the perimeter of the park at the moment, preparatory to going through it once that was done. He knew of several places in the park that Khalid and Owen could be using as their home base. In fact one of the buildings had been used for that a couple of years ago by a pair of vampyres, before he’d eliminated them.

“I still think we should split up,” Kemp muttered. “We’d cover more area that way.”

“Do you think you could take him on by yourself if you found him?”

“Of course not. I’d come back and get you; I’m not a total idiot.”

Trevor chuckled. “Nope, only a partial one for suggesting that. OK, this is where we began so let’s go through the park now. We’ll start with the museum and then the other buildings. Be fast but thorough. We want to get as much covered tonight as possible.”

“Yeah, I know. We discussed that already. I’m not…”

Trevor cut him off with a finger to his lips as they approached the museum. Sensing nothing they moved on. Twenty minutes later Trevor stopped suddenly, tilting his head as he stared at a small green structure with blue pillars, the marks of the devastation wrought by Katrina still marring its exterior.  

“One of them is in there now, as well as two humans,” Trevor murmured so softly Kemp barely heard him.

Kemp nodded, asking just as quietly, “Which one?”

“Khalid. The emanations are too strong to be your Owen.”

“It could be a trap.” Marston’s words echoed in their heads and Trevor knew he was close by even though he couldn’t sense him—which was what they had planned. Rikard he could feel, barely, and he knew he was much further away, acting as a lure if they needed one.

“You stay were you are,” Trevor told Kemp with a look that brooked no argument.

Kemp nodded once as he watched Trevor move stealthily toward the far side of the building. Without thinking twice, because if he had he knew he wouldn’t be able to do what he had planned, Kemp waited until Trevor was out of sight and then sped towards the front door of the small building.

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