Monday, January 12, 2015

49 - ‘Come gentle night…’

“Interesting choice of venue,” Trevor commented as he looked around.

Sinclair chuckled. “Only the best, for friends and new acquaintances. It’s one of my safe houses believe it or not. Abandoned after Katrina, with no plans so far to do anything but demolish it, if and when the property itself sells. Might sell faster if the house was gone but for now it’s best left the way it is. Nobody looks twice at it.”

Marston sniffed as he glanced at a dilapidated sofa that had obviously been there since before the flooding. “If nothing else the mold will keep humans away. I presume there are resting accommodations here that are cleaner.”

“Yes,” Sinclair replied and left it at that. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Trevor, but with his well earned reputation for killing vampyres Sinclair had been loath to even have him here. It was however the safest place he could think of for all of them to meet away from prying eyes of any sort.

“Shall we get down to business,” Rikard said. “The sooner we do, the sooner we can go after Khalid and end this farce.”

Kemp had to agree, although he’d have called it a tragedy more than a farce. But he supposed to vampyres as old as his father and Rikard, who had seen more than enough of both in their lifetimes, one description was probably as good as the other.

“It would help if we could narrow things down somewhat,” Rikard continued. “You’re not going to be able to cover the whole city Mr Wallace, not on your own. I have some of my people keeping an ear to the ground, I have for the past two months, but to no avail.”

“Then you need better ‘people’,” Trevor replied. “There’s been a rash of violent attacks in and around the City Park area. Now it may not be your Khalid but every indication is that there are a pair of vampyres involved.”

“Then why haven’t you been dealing with it?” Marston barked out.

 “Because dhampirs are a territorial as vampyres. The three of us have the city sectioned off so that we can cover as much as possible without stepping on each others toes.”

“But we’re going there to check it out. Right?” Kemp said.

“Right. Parker is quite willing to make a trade for a couple of nights. As I said, there’s no guarantee it is Khalid but it’s worth finding out.”

“Tonight,” Marston said forcefully.

Trevor nodded. “If we get a plan together. We are not going to walk in there blind and stupid.”

“Then let’s get to it.”

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