Thursday, January 8, 2015

47 - ‘Come gentle night…’

“He goes by the name Khalid Odol, an affectation as that translates to eternal blood. As to who he once was, I don’t know, but I have no doubt he was evil even before he was turned,” Rikard said in answer to Marston’s question.

“He was extremely evil when he lived,” Marston said angrily. “I though … Apparently rumors of his death were exaggerated. Why would he have taken up with Owen?” Marston shot a look at Rikard. “What do you have that he wants?”

Rikard smiled tightly as he looked at Kemp and then back at Marston. “Perhaps it’s not what I have but what you have. A son that you love so much you will ignore the fact that he is a dhampir.”

Kemp’s eyes widened in disbelief, “You’re saying this is all because of me?”

“I’m saying it’s a strong possibility that he knew you’d come back looking for my Child. That your father is here because of that will make things easier for him I suspect. If he gets his hands on you he won’t have to wait too long for your father to come to the rescue.”

“Then I’ll leave,” Kemp stated flatly, “I won’t have my father or any of my family endangered because of me.” He collapsed in one of the chairs, running a hand through his hair. “But if I do then what becomes of Owen?”

“I’d venture a guess that the damage is already done,” Marston told him, squeezing his shoulder. “Kahlid is undoubtedly already aware that I am in the city.”

“Then we let him find me, you take care of him, and I get Owen back,” Kemp said with all the faith of a son in his parent. Marston looked at Rikard and shook his head, something that did not escape Kemp’s notice. “Why couldn’t that work?”

“Khalid is too wily to fall for any trick like that. We have to find him.”

“And he could be here or anywhere in the world,” Kemp murmured morosely.

“Oh I suspect he’s right here in the city. His plan, if we’re correct, revolves around your coming back here. If he’d wanted you somewhere else he would have made certain Owen ‘contacted’ you to tell you where.”

Rikard nodded in agreement with Marston’s words. “I hate to admit it, but even though you are young and untrained, Kemp, you may be our only hope. As a dhampir you can find him, sense him, and then mask your presence from him—perhaps—if your ability to do that is strong enough.”

“Couldn’t one of you shield me, presuming I…we actually get a bead on him?”

“He knows I’ve been searching for Owen," Rikard replied, "which of course means for him as well. Whatever power he has that broke my link with my Child has also hidden Khalid from me. Whether he’s strong enough to remain hidden from your father as well has yet to be seen.”

Kemp chewed on his lip pensively before telling the two vampyres, “I may know someone who can help us, if he is willing. But I can’t tell you who until I talk to him.”

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