Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Cabbie and the Cop – 40

Twenty-four hours later things were back to normal for Simeon and Vergil; or as normal as they could be for a vampire and an elf passing as humans.

When he got back to the city, the first thing Vergil did was head to the station house to write his report on what had happened and check in with Lieutenant Brewer. He asked the lieutenant if the mole had been caught and if so, how.

The lieutenant told him he had leaked the whereabouts of the cabin to only three people. "I didn't want to think any of them might be the mole. There were four to begin with who knew about the witness who was going to testify against Harwood. Two of them were directly involved in transporting him, and the other two had access to information about where the meeting with the ADA was taking place. I eliminated one of them because he didn't know that you were going undercover to try to get more information on Harwood and his people."

"How did you set it up so you could narrow it down to the right man?"

"Just as you suggested. After getting a legal taps in place on the phones of Harwood and his two partners who'd made bail, I spread out the timing for letting each possible mole know where you'd be. Then it was just wait and see which one contacted Harwood, figuring they'd try to as quickly as possible." The lieutenant smiled sourly. "I didn't even have to tell my third suspect. The second one called Harwood within thirty minutes of getting your location."

"I hope he's sitting in a cell as we speak."

"He is. Of course he claimed we had the wrong man until we laid out the evidence. Then he shut up and lawyered up. That's where we stand at present."

After their conversation the lieutenant ordered Vergil to take the rest of the day off, and the following one. Vergil wasn't about to argue. He planned on sleeping for at least twelve hours if not more, starting the moment he got home.

He got eight hours.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Cabbie and the Cop – 39

"It's not nice to threaten cute little elves," Simeon said as his arm snaked around Calaul's throat. In his other hand he held a long, sharp blade. He pressed its tip to the flesh under the assassin's chin. "Move even a fraction of an inch and you'll die. Try to mist away and you will feel what fire can do to you, even in that form."

"I know that voice," Calaul whispered, holding perfectly still. "You wouldn't kill me, Simeon. You don't have it in you."

"Oh but I certainly do. It's time to rid the world of your poison."

Instead of replying, Calaul stared at Vergil. "You want me alive so I can face trial for my crimes. Between us we can make that happen. Grab his arm before he can use the blade!"

Vergil felt the aura of command in Calaul's voice, just as he had in Simeon's the one time he'd tried to use it on him, and laughed. "Not happening. We are judge, jury and executioners and we find you guilty of unspeakable crimes against humanity."

The words were barely out of Vergil's mouth when Simeon forced the blade up until it penetrated Calaul's brain. He twisted it, withdrew it, then slashed Calaul's throat, severing the vampire's head from his body.

Vergil sank back against the wall. "Well that was… too damned easy if you ask me."

Simeon chuckled as he let Calaul's body drop to join its head on the floor in front of him. "You wanted a battle royal with lots of blood and gore, some of it yours and mine?"

"Well, no, but still… Okay, yeah I'm glad it went relatively easily. By the way, `cute little elf'? I think I resent that description. I'm not little."

"No, that you aren't." Simeon's eyes dropped down for a moment to Vergil's crotch then rose again. "But you are cute, and an elf."

"I'll cede the point on that. Shall we do something with the trash? It's making a bloody mess on the floor, literally."

"Later. Right now I need to let those who will be most interested know there is one less rogue bastard in our world, and you should call your lieutenant to tell him Calaul has been dealt with."

"Damn, you're all business all of a sudden."

Simeon closed the distance between them, saying as he put his hands on Vergil's shoulders, "I think you need to focus on the present until you've unwound some." He instantly pulled one hand back. "You're bleeding."

"Oh, yeah, I guess I am. You guys have long claws when you put your mind to it. I'll live though, promise."

"To fight another day?"

"Damned straight… or not." Vergil smiled weakly. "And I'm not wound up."

Simeon's eyebrows arched. "You're making jokes so you're wound up."

"And you're grumping."

"Then let's take care of the problem at hand and go do something to relax both of us."

"Now that is the best idea you've had in ages."

Simeon grinned wickedly. "I thought you might like it."

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Cabbie and the Cop – 38

As darkness descended the tension ramped up in the small house. They had a plan, they knew it would work, if Calaul acted and reacted in the ways they expected. They'd even counted on the fact the vampire assassin might not respond quite as expected and had planned for such events. Unfortunately, as Simeon had pointed out, all they knew about Calaul was based on rumor and Simeon's encounters with him several centuries previously.

"By now he is both older and undoubtedly wiser, so he may well zig instead of zagging so to speak."

"Then obviously we'll need to be ready for any contingency and, to use another bad analogy, play it as it lays."

Now Vergil was in the main room on the ground floor of the house, seemingly totally involved in the book he held in his hands, a gun lying partially hidden under one of the pillows. Occasionally he'd glance at the open door under the stairway to check the security monitor for any signs of something larger than a small animal in the vicinity.

Below him Simeon waited in the wine cellar. The door was locked, which was not a problem as Simeon had the misting ability of most vampires, especially ones as old as he. He had also masked his presence so as not to forewarn Calaul he was in the vicinity.

If this doesn't happen tonight I'm going to go bug fuck. Vergil's hands tightened on the book. He had no idea what he was supposedly reading, and at the moment he didn't care. The lines on the page were just blurs as he kept all his senses alert for anything out of the norm. Another glance at the monitor told him there was nothing out there. Come on, come on, let's get this over.

Simeon was calmer, as calm comes with age, but still wanted the night to end, and successfully, for both their sakes. He scanned the house with all his highly attuned senses. Nothing. Or maybe… He heard a sound, so low no human would have picked up on it. Someone was on the porch. So much for the damned perimeter security system. But then in truth it had been set up to detect the presence of bodies, alive or dead. He knew in that instant Calaul had undoubtedly misted in. He had warned Vergil that might happen, and if Calaul did it would only be a problem in that he'd arrive at the house without the security system picking up on it. In his mist form that was all the vampire could do, travel unseen. After that he'd have to revert to his physical body.

Vergil tried not to react when he felt a breath of a breeze when the door began to open. Closing the book he casually stood and wandered into the kitchen. When he got to the refrigerator he put one hand on the door as if planning to open it, then used his other hand to swing it away from the wall just enough to squeeze through the opening onto the stairs. He didn't bother to turn on the light, making his way down by memory alone.

He heard a soft chuckle above him and knew Calaul was close behind him. "You forgot your gun," the assassin said, tossing the broken halves so they bounced down the stairs past Vergil.

Vergil swore softly, the way a human target would when they realized they'd screwed up, and continued to move as fast as possible until he reached the basement. He barely made it to the door to the safe room when a hand gripped his shoulder, swinging him around.

Calaul stared at him, a wicked smile on his lips. "What's behind the door? An armory? A panic-room? Open it Mr. Orbryn." When Vergil hesitated, forcing himself to tremble as if he was terrified, which was half true, Calaul dug long, sharp fingernails into his shoulder, piercing his skin.

"Damn it," Vergil croaked out, "I have to punch in the code."

"Do it!"

Vergil did. Then he tried to spin free of the vampire's knife-like nails. He felt his skin tear and bit back a cry of pain.

"Stupid, but not unexpected." Calaul's voice was low and vicious as he added, "One wrong move and you will discover how much pain fire can inflict. I won't kill you, yet, but you may well wish I had."

Vergil nodded, opening the door. As soon as there was enough space he darted into the room, sliding to one side of the door. Calaul was inside seconds later. He lifted his hand and flames surrounded Vergil's legs.

"What are you?" Calaul screamed in rage when the flames didn't burn Vergil. A gun seemed to spring into his hand, pointed at Vergil's chest. "I asked you a question."

Vergil smiled grimly. "Shoot me and you'll never find out, will you, presuming a bullet can penetrate my shield." As he spoke he kept his eyes fastened on Calaul's, praying he wouldn't turn away. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Cabbie and the Cop – 37

“Now I can die happy,” Vergil said several minutes later as he lay curled in Simeon’s arms.

“Do not ever say that again,” Simeon growled in response, his hold tightening. “It’s courting trouble of the worst kind.”

“I was just teasing, but I understand what you’re saying.” Wriggling to loosen Simeon’s strong hold on him, Vergil turned enough so he could look into his eyes. He saw concern and worry in them and immediately felt very guilty. “I know it’s no joking matter, but it’s how I deal with things at times.”

Simeon smiled, brushing a kiss across his temple. “I’ve noticed. I on the other hand tend to grump and grumble. I suppose that means we’re well matched.”

“In more than just our conflicting temperaments I think.”

“I agree, we are, except when you don’t listen to me.”

Vergil looked at him in mock horror. “I always listen… eventually.”

“Well eventually is now. It’s time for us to get some sleep. We will seriously regret it if we don’t.”

“I know.” Rolling onto his back, Vergil stared up at the ceiling then closed his eyes.

Simeon thought for a moment he’d fallen asleep until he realized his heartbeat had sped up rather than slowing. He stroked his hair, murmuring softly, “We are going to defeat him, you and I.”

Opening one eye to look at him, Vergil nodded. “I know. I may not be in your class but between us he’s toast.”

“Toast?” Simeon chuckled. “Alright, that works.” He slid his arm under Vergil’s shoulders, pulling him back against his body.   

“You’re cold.” Vergil sleepily reached for the covers, pulling them up.

“I told you before, I’m cool.”

“Very cool. My cool vampire lover.”

“And my silly elven one. Now will you please go to sleep.”

“In a second. First…” Vergil cupped Simeon’s face in his hands, kissing him deeply, a kiss Simeon returned in kind. “Now I can sleep.”

Simeon smiled. “As can I.”

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Cabbie and the Cop – 36

“Now… you,” Vergil whispered.

“I don’t…”

“Simeon…” Wrapping his arms around his lover, Vergil turned them, perhaps less gracefully than Simeon had done but the result was the same. He now lay sprawled over the vampire’s body. Brushing back his hair, Vergil nipped Simeon's earlobe then laved his tongue over it to ease the tiny pain.

“I forgot,” Simeon murmured, tracing a finger over the tip of Vergil’s delicately pointed ear.

Vergil chuckled. “A myth. That is no more sensitive than yours.”  

Simeon arched an eyebrow. “So I can’t turn you on again just doing this?” His nimble fingers continued to stroke the tip of Vergil’s ear.

“No, but when I do this…” Vergil slid down Simeon’s body to run his tongue up from the base to the tip of his lover’s swollen cock. “Or this,” he took the mushroom head into his mouth, sucking hard before looking up at Simeon, “it definitely makes me want more.”

“You may have all of me, however you want…” Simeon managed to get out between gasps of pleasure as Vergil continued his loving assault on his hard member.

Vergil sat back on his heels. “You inside me?”

Simeon’s momentary glare of frustration turned to a smile of anticipation. “Always, if that’s what…” He jumped in surprise when Vergil’s hand covered his mouth.

“You talk too much. A simple yes would have sufficed.”

Pulling his hand away, Simeon muttered, “Yes,” his eyes twinkling with amusement.


“On your back, legs up.”

Vergil did as Simeon asked, his cock beginning to harden again from just the thought of Simeon entering him. When Simeon’s fingernail lightly circled his entrance he let out a deep groan, wanting more.

Opening the drawer of the tiny table beside the bed, Simeon found what he was seeking, a tube of lube which he opened, slathering some on his fingers. Gently but firmly he inched one through Vergil's tight ring of muscle, pressing further in until he found the spot he sought. With a few strokes he had his lover begging for all of him.

“So eager, Vergil.”

A second finger joined the first, scissoring as he stretched Vergil’s opening. Finally satisfied, he squeezed out more lube, spreading it over his cock. Only then did he press the swollen head to Vergil’s entrance, keeping his eyes locked on Vergil’s face. The last thing he wanted was to hurt him, or bring back any memories of what had happened to him a few days earlier. With a slight thrust he was inside, stopping when Vergil bit down hard on his lip.

“It’s… I’m alright,” Vergil whispered.

Simeon nodded. Inch by slow inch he filled Vergil’s tight channel until he was in balls deep. Then, putting a tight rein on his need to fuck him hard and fast, he began to gently ride him, still watching for any signs he might be hurting him.

Apparently Vergil needed more than what Simeon was doing so far. As Simeon eased back Vergil pulled his hips up, taking him back inside as quickly as possible.

Being nobody’s fool, Simeon got the message. He increased his pace, wrapping one hand around Vergil’s now hard shaft. Together they drove themselves higher and higher. Simeon felt Vergil’s tight channel begin to spasm and knew his release was near. His balls tightened in response and with one last, hard thrust he filled Vergil with both his cock and his cum, shouting as his release flooded him. Vergil cried out seconds later as his own orgasm consumed him.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Cabbie and the Cop – 35

Putting his hands behind his head, giving the impression of more casualness than he was feeling, Simeon watched him from under hooded eyelids. When Vergil finished he spread the shirt open, then ran his hands over Simeon’s well-muscled chest before bending to trace his tongue over one nipple. Simeon hissed when the light touch sent fire spiraling down to his groin.

Vergil looked up momentarily, a grin quirking his lips. “Found a good spot huh?” He didn’t wait for a reply as he went back to teasing each nipple into hard nubs. When he was satisfied he’d done a good job on them he cocked an eyebrow. “I can’t get your shirt off if you insist on just lying there.”

“Take yours off first.”

Vergil did, slowly, watching Simeon all the while. When he was finished, the shirt dropping down behind him, he saw Simeon’s eyes go to the mark on his wrist and quickly pressed it against his thigh.

“No,” Simeon said softly, sitting up, taking Vergil's wrist in his hand. Gently he traced one finger along the incised lines. “At least there is some artistry in it; for all that it’s a reminder of things you’d rather forget.” 

“That’s elves for you,” Vergil muttered. “Beauty even in dishonor.”

“There is no dishonor in this. You earned it because you refused to bend to their will. This is a badge of courage no matter what you may think.” Simeon lifted Vergil’s wrist to his lips, kissing it softly. “As is this.” He slid his hand under Vergil’s hair to brush his fingers over the mark on the nape of his neck.

“It wasn’t courage,” Vergil protested, “just…”

“Don’t argue.” Simeon pulled him closer, his lips melding with Vergil’s to stop any words he might have uttered in reply.

As the kiss intensified Vergil shifted until his body covered Simeon’s, his hands tangling in the vampire’s dark hair. He lifted his head eventually, emotion darkened amethyst eyes locking with blue. “I need…”

“To get out of the rest of your clothes?” With a swift movement, his superior strength coming into play, Simeon instantly had Vergil on his back. He looked down at him, his hands going to the fastening of his jeans. He drew the zipper down slowly to free Vergil’s hard member from the imprisoning fabric. When Vergil arched his hips, Simeon pulled the jeans down so he could cup the elf’s sac, rolling his balls gently between his fingers.

“Oh gods,” Vergil moaned. “I need…”

“What, my needy elf?”

“Both of us naked.”

“Easily accomplished.” Simeon slid back, pulling off Vergil’s shoes so he could remove his jeans. Then he stood just long enough to finish undressing before he rejoined Vergil on the bed, again straddling him. “Time to return the favor,” he murmured, bending to suckle each pale nipple until Vergil was writhing from his ministrations.

From there he worked his way down to his ultimate destination; Vergil’s now fully engorged cock. He lapped the leaking precum, savoring the flavor. “Earthy, essential,” he pronounced. “With just a hint of… rosemary?”

Despite the fact he was totally into what Simeon was doing, wanting more, Vergil laughed. “What is this, a taste test?”

“It is, and I like.” Simeon lapped again then sucked the swollen head into his mouth, his tongue stroking the sensitive ridge, taking more of him in when Vergil arched up. Soon he was swallowing him deep into his throat, relishing the low moans from his lover.

“Simeon…” The soft wail preceded the flood of cum. Simeon drank it down like fine wine then released him. The look of ecstasy, the glazed eyes gazing at him, told Simeon he had accomplished his mission. The kiss he received when he pressed his lips to Vergil’s confirmed it.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Cabbie and the Cop – 34

When they got back to the ground floor, Simeon suggested Vergil get some sleep. “It’s going to take time for everything to fall together. You need to be at your peak when it does.”

“I’ll sleep when you do,” Vergil countered. “After all, Calaul won’t show up during the day.”


“And since daylight won’t happen for a few hours…”

The expression on Vergil’s face would have warned Simeon if he’d been facing him. He wasn’t however since he was standing in front of the narrow case beside the fireplace, running his finger along the spines of the books it contained. He paused at one, starting to pull it out.

“You can read later. Right now…” Vergil put his hands on Simeon’s waist, turning him around.

Before Simeon could protest he found his lips covered by Vergil’s in a heated kiss while Vergil wrapped his arms around Simeon's neck, pressing tightly against him.

“Now is not the time,” Simeon said firmly when he managed to extricate himself from Vergil’s embrace and step away.

“I disagree. We’re here. We’re alone. We’re both awake, too damned awake in my case.” Vergil moved in again to stand just inches from Simeon. “Unless I’ve been reading the signs all wrong you’re not immune to what I have to offer. For damned straight I’m not immune to you. As some song said, ‘Who knows what tomorrow will bring’. For sure I don’t. I just want… If it ends badly I want to go out knowing what making love to you is like.”

“It won’t end badly,” Simeon replied softly.

“You don’t know that. Neither of us does. Please…” Vergil stared at him with pleading eyes.

It was a look Simeon found impossible to resist. Against his better judgment he cupped Vergil’s face in his hands, dipping his head to kiss him with all the passion he’d denied them both since the first time their lips had met.

“That,” Vergil whispered breathlessly a few moments later, “is what I needed.” He paused, a small frown on his face. “No, wait, rephrasing. That’s the start of what I need, what we both need.”

Amusement lit Simeon’s face. “I agree, however badly you put it. Come.” He held out his hand, rethought the motion, instead wrapping his arm around Vergil’s waist to walk with him to the stairs. “Too narrow,” he muttered, putting his hand at the small of Vergil’s back to let him know he should go up first as he flicked the switch to turn on the light in the room above them.

When he got to the top of the stairs Vergil had to duck slightly to keep from bumping his head until he was part way into the bedroom, which took up most of the top floor. A large, rustic looking bed faced him. “I hope the mattress isn’t filled with straw.”

“Not hardly. See.” Simeon tumbled them onto it.

“Goose down?” Vergil asked, feeling how soft it was.

“Good gods, this is modern day American. It’s got… hell if I know. Latex? Springs? And why are we discussing the innards of mattresses?”

“Good question. We could be finding out what’s under this.” Vergil scrambled to his knees, straddling Simeon before starting to unbutton his shirt.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Cabbie and the Cop – 33

“Now I know your friend’s in intelligence work. This smacks of something out of a spy novel or film.”

Simeon chuckled. “He’s just what I said, an extremely paranoid vampire. However he does have some interesting… acquaintances who have been known to use the house from time to time.” As he spoke he went to one door and with a flick of his hand moved a stone beside it to reveal a keypad. When he punched in the code, the door slid open. “Voila, the wine cellar.”

“And behind door number two?”

After repeating the steps at the second door, Simeon stepped aside to let Vergil enter.

“Nice and cozy. No coffin?”

“No coffin, wiseass. Just an extremely secure bedroom for emergencies. Now, for door number three.” Simeon opened the door.

Vergil whistled softly as he began exploring. “Is he preparing for Armageddon?”

One wall held shelves filled with non-perishable food, the second had a surveillance setup that made the one upstairs look like amateurish. On the third wall were enough weapons to make any NRA member drool.

Turning to Simeon, Vergil said quietly, “Who actually owns this place?”

Simeon shrugged. “I do, in conjunction with a few well-placed friends who would rather remain unnamed.”

“Including your ‘paranoid’ vampire friend I presume, if there really is such a person. Why all the lies, Simeon? You know I’d never reveal your… secret occupation I guess, for lack of a better description.”

Simeon sat, pointing to another of the chairs in the room. Vergil swung one around, resting his arms on the back, and waited.

“How many people have you trusted enough to tell them what you do?” Simeon asked as a preamble.

“No one. The only ones who know are a few men in the department.”

“Exactly. The same holds true for me, and for the same reasons. The less who know the less who can betray me, and before you ask I’m not some super spy. I’m just a small cog in a larger organization. I keep my eyes and ears open then report anything I see or hear to one of my superiors. The only difference between you and me is the fact that I work with and for other vampires.”

Vergil frowned thoughtfully. “How much of what you told me about your relationship with Calaul was the truth?”

“All of it. I did know him; I have tried to eliminate him, as have several others. So far no one’s been successful. I’m hoping this time that might change.”

“With me as the stalking goat.” Vergil smiled tightly. “Not that I mind if it gets him out of my hair so to speak.”

“I didn’t think you would. Right now though you have to let your boss know where you’re hiding out, and the sooner the better. Is your phone secure?”

“This one?” Vergil unhooked his from his belt. “No.”

“I can fix that.” When Vergil gave it to him, Simeon went over to the security center, returning a couple of minutes later to hand it back. “Call him.”

“Will the signal…? Never mind, silly question I’m sure.” After checking the time, Vergil scrolled through the numbers on his phone then dialed. It took a moment before a tired voice answered.

“This better be important,” Lieutenant Brewer growled.

“It is.” Vergil laid out what he needed the lieutenant to do. When he finished he answered a couple of questions before giving his boss the coordinates of the house. “Say you got them via GPS when I called you,” he suggested, chuckling when Lieutenant Brewer said, ‘I know, I wasn’t born yesterday’.

After he’d hung up Vergil said, “Done, and done. Now let’s hope it works.”

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Cabbie and the Cop – 32

“Quaint,” Vergil commented as they left the garage where Simeon had parked the cab. He stretched to loosen the kinks he’d gotten from lying on the back seat so that it would appear the cab was empty. “Who lives here, Hansel and Gretel?”

“No, elves,” Simeon replied with a touch of asperity.

“You can’t be… Okay, I’m sorry. That was uncalled for on my part.”

“It was. But understandable none the less. I realize it doesn’t look like much from the outside but there’s more to the house than meets the eye.”

Vergil definitely hoped so. It resembled pictures he’d seen of log cabins, except it had a steeply pitched roof with two tiny windows, indicating there must be a second floor. The front wall was broken only by a door and one window, with a rustic porch running the length of it. Surrounding the house was a wide expanse of lawn and then fields. All in all, in his estimation, it was much too exposed for a place which was supposed to be a hide-out.

Simeon must have sensed his unease because he reiterated that the interior would make up for what he was seeing at the moment. He unlocked the door and stepped inside; pausing to disarm what Vergil saw was a very sophisticated alarm box.

“Impressive,” Vergil said, and he didn’t mean the security system per se. There was only one room with a slender flight of stairs at the back which led up to the second floor. A stone fireplace graced the wall to his right, a surprisingly well appointed if very small kitchen area was to his left. A sofa flanked by two comfortable looking armchairs filled the center of the room. The only light came from a fixture above his head, although he saw another light over the counter that separated the kitchen from the rest of the room.

Simeon smiled. “The house belongs to an old friend of mine who likes both his solitude and the ability to know if anyone’s approaching from any direction.”

“Hard to do with only one window.”

Striding across the room to the wall under the stairs, Simeon slid open a panel to reveal an extremely high-tech surveillance system.

“Alright, I take that back.” Vergil came up beside him to study it. “Was your friend in intelligence somewhere along the line, or is he still?”

“No. He’s just a very cautious vampire who doesn’t like surprises, almost to the point of paranoia. When he travels, which is quite often, I have his permission to use the place if I want to get away from the city.”

“I presume there’s a bedroom and hopefully a bath upstairs.”

“There is, and a very nice wine cellar in the basement, among other things.”

Vergil cocked an eyebrow. “Other things?”

Smiling, Simeon told him, “Follow me.” In the kitchen, he pulled on one side of the refrigerator and it rotated away from the wall to reveal a door that he unlocked via a touchpad. It opened onto a flight of stairs lit only by a bare bulb at the top. Thankfully that wasn’t a problem for either one of them as they wended their way down the steps. Simeon had a vampire’s night vision and for Vergil it took just the merest light for him to be able to see almost as well as his friend.

Even that light vanished as they seemed, from Vergil’s point of view, to be heading into the bowels of the earth. He had to put one hand on Simeon’s shoulder to keep up with him. He found out he was correct when they finally came to the bottom. Simeon switched on a light and Vergil saw rough stone walls with a floor to match. Each wall held one door with no visible way to open them.

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Cabbie and the Cop – 31

“No games?” Vergil asked as he scanned the icons before opening a clean document file.

“A few.” Simeon tapped a folder in the bottom corner of the screen. “And you’re not to even think about going in there until after this is over. I don’t want to loose you to playing and have you forget what’s important at the moment.”

Vergil grinned, then muttered under his breath when the folder wouldn’t open. “No fair.”

“Once we’ve dealt with Calaul, then you can play to your heart’s content.”

“Killjoy.” Vergil returned to the blank document. “Okay. Describe him, please.”

“Approximately five-ten, average build, medium brown hair, blue eyes, very nondescript all in all.”

“That helps—not. There’s nothing to make him stand out?”

“Vergil, he’s a hired killer, of course there isn’t. Any more than there’s anything which makes you stand out as long as your marks are hidden.”

“Other than my classic good looks.” Vergil turned to grin at him.

“Don’t flatter yourself. In this world good-looking blond males are a dime a dozen.”

“I know, I was just kidding. I couldn’t do my job if I stood out, any more than he could. So this will be like looking for a needle in a haystack.”

“A very sharp needle.” Simeon rubbed his forehead between his fingertips in frustration. “I wish I was artistic. Then maybe I could draw him for you.”

“You do know what he looks like which is a start. Now we just have to pull him out of the woodwork somehow.”

“He’ll only come out when he’s certain he can kill you without any complications.”

“Then I have to be visible but in such a way that I seem to be trying very hard not to be.”

Simeon pulled over the one other chair in the office to sit, putting one elbow on the edge of the desk so he could rest his chin on his fist as he thought about that. “It’s too bad there’s not mole in your department. It would make things much easier.”

“There is, although the lieutenant hasn’t been able to pin down who it is yet. Someone leaked the information to one of Harwood’s confederates that I was a plant. It was too late for them by the time they found out, but still someone alerted them.”

“Excellent. This could work to both your lieutenant's and our advantage then. First we have to find a place for you to go to ground that would be defensible and yet seem to have weaknesses.”

“Somewhere not in the heart of the city. I don’t want any innocents getting hurt.”

“Absolutely, and I know just the spot.”  

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Cabbie and the Cop – 30

The aroma of coffee greeted Simeon when he entered the kitchen. Wrinkling his nose in obvious disgust he went to the refrigerator, taking out his breakfast.

Vergil watched in fascination as Simeon’s fangs dropped and he bit into the bag. “Is that always the way you eat?”

Simeon nodded, waiting until he’d emptied the bag and disposed of it before replying. “I feel more civilized doing it this way rather than lurking in alleys waiting for my prey to appear.”

“I suspect Calaul thinks otherwise.”

“Indeed he does. He lives for the thrill of the hunt, whether it’s for dinner or to find and kill his target.”  

Vergil took another drink of coffee before asking, “Since he knows you, is there any chance he also knows you’re here?”

“Possibly but I doubt it. He’d probably make it a point to find me if he did, just to prove he’s still alive.”

“Meaning you tried to kill him at one point?”

“Twice actually. The first time was when he came after my friend. You know how that ended up,” Simeon said wryly. “I ran into him about a century after that, quite by accident. That time I almost succeeded but he’s a slippery bastard as well as a clever one. He managed to escape and it was the last time I saw him.”

“This time he won’t escape.”

“If we plan well, no he won’t.”

Vergil jumped to his feet. “Then let’s get to it. Do you have a computer?”

“I do.” Simeon chuckled. “Going to Google him?”

“If I thought it would do any good I might,” Vergil admitted. “But actually I just find it’s easier to lay everything out in a document rather than on paper. It’s easier to see the points that might or might not work and alter them accordingly.”

Simeon led him into his office, smiling when Vergil immediately gravitated to the desk which held his state-of-the-art computer, without a glance around to see what else was there. Not that there was much to interest anyone. The room had been created as an office and served its function well, holding only a few file cabinets and one large set of bookshelves.

“Password?” Vergil glanced at Simeon.

Leaning over his shoulder, Simeon typed it in and the desktop screen appeared.

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Cabbie and the Cop – 29

Simeon almost pointed out he hadn’t fully committed to helping Vergil, and then realized it wasn’t the truth. He would do everything in his power to keep him alive. “I’m not without a few abilities of my own. My question is what can you do besides control animals?”

With a small smirk Vergil said, “I can’t be mind controlled.”

“I noticed.”

Vergil chuckled and went on. “I wasn’t a magic worker and even if I had been most of it wouldn’t work in this world and certainly not against an older vampire. Alright, I take that back, I can put up a protective shield.” He shook his head slightly, grimacing. “However, as I found out to my misfortune, it doesn’t work against bullets or for that matter any weapon here. It will work against anything elemental like fire or water.”

“Now that could come in quite useful. Some of us have the fire gift, as well as an ability to control aspects of weather.”

“So presuming he doesn’t find me first and just open fire I… we might stand a chance of defeating him.”

“I think we definitely do. Together.”

With those words Simeon leaned forward, enfolding Vergil within his embrace. It wasn’t sensual despite the fact Simeon was still undressed, the sheet barely covering him. Vergil melted into him, his head resting on his shoulder as he accepted what Simeon was offering, his strength and his caring.

They remained as they were for long moments before Simeon released him. Vergil touched Simeon’s cheek briefly. “I’m not weak, despite… despite how I must have sounded.”

“I never thought for a second that you were,” Simeon replied, catching his hand. “A weak man would have fled the moment he knew Calaul was after him. A weak man would never have put himself in the position you did in order to stop those bastards in the first place.”

Someone had to stop them,” Vergil protested. 

“They would have found another way. It might have taken longer but they would have. No, my fine young elf, you are far from weak in too many ways to count.” 

Vergil lowered his eyes at the compliment which caused Simeon to smile and say, “Now, before I embarrass you even more, I should get up and get dressed. Then we can make plans for how we’ll stop Calaul.”

With apparent reluctance, Vergil moved away so Simeon could, his eyes lingering on him as the vampire strode across the room to select a pair of jeans. Simeon turned, wagging a finger at him. “You are seeing much too much of me to be good for either of our libidos right now. Go downstairs and… make yourself coffee or something.”

“For a kiss.”

Simeon cocked an eyebrow. “Hands behind your back.”

Obediently Vergil did as he asked. Simeon returned to the bed, bent, and kissed him, smiling when Vergil returned it rather more forcefully than he should have at the moment. Pulling back, Simeon stroked the pad of his thumb over Vergil’s lips. “Now go so I can get dressed in peace.”

Vergil stood, saluted mockingly, and left the room, stopping just long enough to look back and say, “The time will come…”

“Indeed it will. Just not a this moment.” Simeon flicked his fingers. “Now get.”