Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cover reveal - 'Talbot and the Enforcers'

Available Jan. 09/2015 from Fireborn Publishing

Talbot is a hybrid werewolf/dhampir. The only one of his kind, he thinks. A loner, he hires out to eliminate rogue vampires. When Antton, a head Enforcer, asks for his help to find a turncoat within the group, Talbot reluctantly agrees. The turncoat uses rogues to trap and kill Enforcers, sometimes finishing the job himself when necessary.

Talbot meets the team he'll be working with to go after a rogue werewolf that Antton is certain is being used by the turncoat. The other men on the team are Dante, a vampire, and Ulrik, a werewolf. When Talbot saves Ulrik from a vampire, they realize that Ulrik's home has been compromised, so Ulrik stays with Talbot until the team leaves for New Orleans to try to complete their mission. Although Talbot is attracted to Ulrik, he resists his feelings, believing that it is one-sided at best.

Will Talbot find out that he's right, or will Ulrik reciprocate? And will it matter if the turncoat manages to kill them both before they can stop him?


  1. Sounds awesome and the cover is awesome too! So pretty.

    1. Thank you. Allison did a wonderful job with it.