Monday, December 1, 2014

28 - ‘Come gentle night…’

Owen blushed. “There you go again with the ‘beautiful’ thing.”

“Well you are, so don’t argue with me.” Impulsively Kemp cupped the back of Owen’s head to bring him closer. “Very beautiful,” he said softly as his lips met Owen’s in an exploratory kiss that went well beyond anything they had done before.

With a welcoming moan Owen parted his lips to Kemp’s questing tongue. He’d never been kissed like this before. Never been kissed at all actually except for the few chaste ones he and Kemp had exchanged. He hadn't known one real kiss could awaken the feelings, the emotions that this one did. He never wanted it to end as their tongues met and danced together when Kemp’s began a slow exploration. Owen moaned again as he wrapped his arms tightly around Kemp, afraid if he didn’t Kemp would somehow vanish.

Reluctantly Kemp broke the kiss, the need to breathe overcoming his desire for more of the taste and feel of Owen. “Whew,” he said softly as his gaze took in every inch of Owen's fragile, beautiful face.

“I didn’t know,” Owen replied just as softly.

Kemp’s eyebrows lifted in gentle amusement. “What a kiss could do?” He was well aware what it had done to him and felt, as closely pressed together as their bodies were, that it had caused the same reaction in Owen.

“Yes.” Owen shivered in delight and desire. “It’s…amazing.”

“It can be, with the right person.” Kemp smiled as he brushed his lips against Owen’s kiss-swollen ones again.

This time it was Owen who asked for entrance and Kemp opened to him immediately, allowing him to explore as he would. When he’d finished Owen drew back to look at Kemp. “Am I the right person,” he asked hesitantly, hope filling his eyes.

“From where I’m standing I’d say definitely.”

“Owen,” a sharp voice said from the dark shadows that surrounded the two young men.

Owen rolled his eyes as he moved marginally away from Kemp, keeping one arm around his waist. “Now what father?”

Rikard stepped into view, his arms crossed over his chest at he stared at them. “This is not good, or proper.”

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