Thursday, November 27, 2014

26 – ‘Come gentle night…’

Why me? Why did I make myself Kemp’s keeper? Need my head examined for sure.

Seems the kid has taken up with a fledgling vampyre. Talk about the blind leading the blind. Ok, so maybe not quite the right analogy but you get my point.

First this vampyre plans on feeding from Kemp apparently. Then they confess undying infatuation. And then the vampyre’s, umm Owen’s, Sire decides he needs a meet with me. Someone’s been talking out of turn that he even knows about me. Kids!

So we meet. Dancing around each other at first as he doesn’t trust me any more than I trust him. Turns out he’s not such a bad dude as vampyres go. Puts me in mind a bit of another vampyre I happen to respect. He’s no happier about the union than I am. Though I suppose it’s not a union quite yet from what Kemp’s told me. More a friendship inching its way towards something deeper if the kids have their way.

It was funny. It seems like Owen’s Sire didn’t know his Child was gay until this came up. Big secret from everyone 'til Owen told Kemp. Anyway Rikard, that’s the Sire, wants this thing stopped. Told him that was up to him. Hell Owen’s his Child. He says it’s up to me 'cause I’m Kemp’s mentor. Yeah like that gives me any rights.

Finally met Owen the night after this big ‘discussion’. He seems like a good kid. Shy as hell but not willing to let his Sire dictate to him. Gave him points in my book with that despite the rest of this mess. Had a long talk with both of them then told them it was their choice but if they screw up they’re on their own.

So we’ll see what happens.

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