Tuesday, November 25, 2014

25 - ‘Come gentle night…’

Kemp was tempted to tell Owen’s Sire, “Because I said so,” but he decided that would do nothing to defuse the situation. “I was trained well. I would never kill a vampyre unless I knew it was righteous.”

The elder vampyre shook his head. “Words, merely words.”

“I’m still alive father,” Owen said defiantly, “and I’ve been with him for the last hour or more. He had more to fear from me as I tried to enthrall him so that I could feed.”

The vampyre’s eyebrow rose in amusement then. “I presume you were a bit surprised when you couldn’t, my child.” Not waiting for an answer he returned his gaze to Kemp. “You’ve only recently come into your abilities. Why?”

Once again a smart remark almost passed Kemp’s lips but he hastily stopped it. “My father, obviously, and my brother are vampyres and good people.”

“Do tell. And just who would they be?”

Kemp told him and the vampyre nodded. “You father is somewhat notorious in his belief that none of us should ever feed from an unwilling source.”

“Yes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him with anyone but a ghoul. My brother on the other hand is like Owen. He’ll enthrall, feed, heal and then wipe the donor’s memory.”

With the talk of feeding Kemp could feel Owen’s tension and need grow. He took his hand, squeezing it gently, hoping to give him an anchor of sorts for the moment. Owen looked at him in surprise but didn’t try to pull away, instead holding on tightly as he took a deep breath to control himself.

None of this escaped the elder vampyre’s gaze. “I think we should leave your ‘friend’ and take care of your hunger,” he said softly but firmly to Owen.

Owen turned to Kemp. “Will I, can I see you again?”

“Tomorrow night? You know where I work, oh wait, no you don’t.” He told Owen the name of the club. “I get off at two in the morning. Meet me there?”

“I will, I promise.” Owen shot a quick look at his Sire and then kissed Kemp’s cheek before going to join him.

Kemp grinned happily, touching the spot Owen had kissed. “I’ll see you there.”


  1. So adorable! I think I like Owen. Not sure if he is more the dominant or not though. I was thinking Kemp was not but now, obviously, I am not sure of that either... can't wait for more!