Wednesday, November 5, 2014

15 - ‘Come gentle night…’

Looking up again, Trevor met Kemp’s gaze. “I went… crazy is the best description. I guess I tried to kill myself although I had no memory of that. A man found me, nursed me back to health, and then gave me a place to stay.”

“And,” Kemp said, hazarding a guess, “he was a vampyre.”

“Yes. Long story short I regained my memory eventually, and with it I got something I suppose you could call a conscience of sorts. I’m not so ready to wipe all the vampyres off the face of the earth any more. At least,” he smiled slightly, “not without some sort of proof that they deserve it.”

“But how do you know one way or the other? I mean... Okay, yeah the ones tonight were obviously wicked, and at least from my point of view my father and brother aren’t. But what about the hundreds of others out there?”

“One simple rule for starters, if you see one attack a human then it’s ninety-nine percent certain you can whack them without a bit of guilt. If you come upon one who is just feeding you need to be a bit more cautious. The one being fed on may be the vampyre’s ghoul, which is a human who willingly allows the vampyre to drink his blood for whatever reason. Usually it’s because he gets something in return, an extended life and/or increased sexual satisfaction.”

Kemp’s eyes lit up for a moment. “I know about ghouls, of course, but I wasn’t sure about the whole sex thing.”

“Down boy,” Trevor replied, chuckling. “Yes it’s true but you don’t want to run out and find the first female, or,” he took a long look at Kemp, “in your case I assume a male vampyre and throw yourself on them hoping they’ll have you flying to the moon each time they fuck you.”

“Definitely male in my case,” Kemp admitted; not that it wasn’t apparent to most people. “And anyway I really don’t want one feeding off me.”

“Your father and brother never tried?”

Kemp looked at him in shock. “Of course not. That’s why I know about ghouls. My father has several. I don’t know about Leif though. I think he just enthralls someone, drinks and then wipes their memory.” 

“Or bags it like my friend. Anyway, that’s not the point. You,” Trevor pointed a finger at Kemp, “have to let loose of your fear of what you are and begin learning how to open yourself to it and learn to use the powers you have.”

Kemp nodded, rubbing his forehead. “Yeah, I guess. You really will help me?”

“I offered didn’t I?”

“And I accept.”

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