Monday, October 6, 2014

The Cabbie and the Cop – 43

Another fare, another dollar. I gotta find a new job Simeon thought as he pulled his cab back into traffic. Not that he would, he liked what he did---both jobs.
It was still too warm, the pavement holding the heat of the day with no breeze to dispel it. Half the city folk who were still awake were happily ensconced in their air-conditioned homes or the local bars. The rest were wondering what they'd done to deserve another night with no respite from the heat. Or at least so he supposed.

He cruised down the avenue towards the nearest hotel, keeping an eye open for anyone who might need him while as usual ignoring the dispatcher. It was after all fifty-fifty that a potential fare who'd called in would either cancel, or grab another cab going by before he could get to the location.

As he started to pass the police station he saw a slender, blond-haired man standing in front of the entrance, his phone to his ear. Simeon honked then pulled over to the curb and Vergil jumped into the passenger seat.

"Did you call for a cab, sir?"

"Actually…" Vergil leaned over to give Simeon a hungry kiss. "I was going to but since one just happened to show up…"

"Pure luck; or happenstance."

"Either way it was fortuitous." Vergil sighed, sinking into the comfort of the seat, resting his head on the headrest. "Seems while I was gone someone decided to siphon the gas out of my car. I was about to call you when you showed up."

Simeon glanced worriedly at him. "Damn. I hope it didn't have to do with the job." 
"No it was just random but it still sucks. The job itself is over, successfully. Now…" Vergil grinned at his lover, "I have two days off to do what I please, or…" his grin widened, "who I please."

Without bothering to reply, Simeon called the dispatcher to let her know he was taking the rest of the night off and then turned the cab towards home—their home. They had a lot of catching up to do as Vergil had spent the last two weeks undercover, but before any of that happened there were more personal things which needed taking care of, such as reinforcing once again their love for each other. And the best place to do that was naked in their bed.

The End


  1. You know, I could read this story on and on. It would be lovely to just keep following them in a serial. I love your stories. Thank you so much for sharing them. The Cabbie and Cop was awesome! Hugs and kisses!

    And of course...can't wait for more!!

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed this one. There will be a new story, starting tomorrow.