Monday, September 22, 2014

The Cabbie and the Cop – 36

“Now… you,” Vergil whispered.

“I don’t…”

“Simeon…” Wrapping his arms around his lover, Vergil turned them, perhaps less gracefully than Simeon had done but the result was the same. He now lay sprawled over the vampire’s body. Brushing back his hair, Vergil nipped Simeon's earlobe then laved his tongue over it to ease the tiny pain.

“I forgot,” Simeon murmured, tracing a finger over the tip of Vergil’s delicately pointed ear.

Vergil chuckled. “A myth. That is no more sensitive than yours.”  

Simeon arched an eyebrow. “So I can’t turn you on again just doing this?” His nimble fingers continued to stroke the tip of Vergil’s ear.

“No, but when I do this…” Vergil slid down Simeon’s body to run his tongue up from the base to the tip of his lover’s swollen cock. “Or this,” he took the mushroom head into his mouth, sucking hard before looking up at Simeon, “it definitely makes me want more.”

“You may have all of me, however you want…” Simeon managed to get out between gasps of pleasure as Vergil continued his loving assault on his hard member.

Vergil sat back on his heels. “You inside me?”

Simeon’s momentary glare of frustration turned to a smile of anticipation. “Always, if that’s what…” He jumped in surprise when Vergil’s hand covered his mouth.

“You talk too much. A simple yes would have sufficed.”

Pulling his hand away, Simeon muttered, “Yes,” his eyes twinkling with amusement.


“On your back, legs up.”

Vergil did as Simeon asked, his cock beginning to harden again from just the thought of Simeon entering him. When Simeon’s fingernail lightly circled his entrance he let out a deep groan, wanting more.

Opening the drawer of the tiny table beside the bed, Simeon found what he was seeking, a tube of lube which he opened, slathering some on his fingers. Gently but firmly he inched one through Vergil's tight ring of muscle, pressing further in until he found the spot he sought. With a few strokes he had his lover begging for all of him.

“So eager, Vergil.”

A second finger joined the first, scissoring as he stretched Vergil’s opening. Finally satisfied, he squeezed out more lube, spreading it over his cock. Only then did he press the swollen head to Vergil’s entrance, keeping his eyes locked on Vergil’s face. The last thing he wanted was to hurt him, or bring back any memories of what had happened to him a few days earlier. With a slight thrust he was inside, stopping when Vergil bit down hard on his lip.

“It’s… I’m alright,” Vergil whispered.

Simeon nodded. Inch by slow inch he filled Vergil’s tight channel until he was in balls deep. Then, putting a tight rein on his need to fuck him hard and fast, he began to gently ride him, still watching for any signs he might be hurting him.

Apparently Vergil needed more than what Simeon was doing so far. As Simeon eased back Vergil pulled his hips up, taking him back inside as quickly as possible.

Being nobody’s fool, Simeon got the message. He increased his pace, wrapping one hand around Vergil’s now hard shaft. Together they drove themselves higher and higher. Simeon felt Vergil’s tight channel begin to spasm and knew his release was near. His balls tightened in response and with one last, hard thrust he filled Vergil with both his cock and his cum, shouting as his release flooded him. Vergil cried out seconds later as his own orgasm consumed him.


  1. Wow. Nice. Whew! Do I dare ask for more? Um...Hell yeah?

    1. There will be more story. More sex? Not that I recall.

  2. Well a girl can hope! But the story is just as awesome! Seriously, can't wait for more!