Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Cabbie and the Cop – 35

Putting his hands behind his head, giving the impression of more casualness than he was feeling, Simeon watched him from under hooded eyelids. When Vergil finished he spread the shirt open, then ran his hands over Simeon’s well-muscled chest before bending to trace his tongue over one nipple. Simeon hissed when the light touch sent fire spiraling down to his groin.

Vergil looked up momentarily, a grin quirking his lips. “Found a good spot huh?” He didn’t wait for a reply as he went back to teasing each nipple into hard nubs. When he was satisfied he’d done a good job on them he cocked an eyebrow. “I can’t get your shirt off if you insist on just lying there.”

“Take yours off first.”

Vergil did, slowly, watching Simeon all the while. When he was finished, the shirt dropping down behind him, he saw Simeon’s eyes go to the mark on his wrist and quickly pressed it against his thigh.

“No,” Simeon said softly, sitting up, taking Vergil's wrist in his hand. Gently he traced one finger along the incised lines. “At least there is some artistry in it; for all that it’s a reminder of things you’d rather forget.” 

“That’s elves for you,” Vergil muttered. “Beauty even in dishonor.”

“There is no dishonor in this. You earned it because you refused to bend to their will. This is a badge of courage no matter what you may think.” Simeon lifted Vergil’s wrist to his lips, kissing it softly. “As is this.” He slid his hand under Vergil’s hair to brush his fingers over the mark on the nape of his neck.

“It wasn’t courage,” Vergil protested, “just…”

“Don’t argue.” Simeon pulled him closer, his lips melding with Vergil’s to stop any words he might have uttered in reply.

As the kiss intensified Vergil shifted until his body covered Simeon’s, his hands tangling in the vampire’s dark hair. He lifted his head eventually, emotion darkened amethyst eyes locking with blue. “I need…”

“To get out of the rest of your clothes?” With a swift movement, his superior strength coming into play, Simeon instantly had Vergil on his back. He looked down at him, his hands going to the fastening of his jeans. He drew the zipper down slowly to free Vergil’s hard member from the imprisoning fabric. When Vergil arched his hips, Simeon pulled the jeans down so he could cup the elf’s sac, rolling his balls gently between his fingers.

“Oh gods,” Vergil moaned. “I need…”

“What, my needy elf?”

“Both of us naked.”

“Easily accomplished.” Simeon slid back, pulling off Vergil’s shoes so he could remove his jeans. Then he stood just long enough to finish undressing before he rejoined Vergil on the bed, again straddling him. “Time to return the favor,” he murmured, bending to suckle each pale nipple until Vergil was writhing from his ministrations.

From there he worked his way down to his ultimate destination; Vergil’s now fully engorged cock. He lapped the leaking precum, savoring the flavor. “Earthy, essential,” he pronounced. “With just a hint of… rosemary?”

Despite the fact he was totally into what Simeon was doing, wanting more, Vergil laughed. “What is this, a taste test?”

“It is, and I like.” Simeon lapped again then sucked the swollen head into his mouth, his tongue stroking the sensitive ridge, taking more of him in when Vergil arched up. Soon he was swallowing him deep into his throat, relishing the low moans from his lover.

“Simeon…” The soft wail preceded the flood of cum. Simeon drank it down like fine wine then released him. The look of ecstasy, the glazed eyes gazing at him, told Simeon he had accomplished his mission. The kiss he received when he pressed his lips to Vergil’s confirmed it.


  1. Mmmmm. Wonderful! So worth waiting for! Can't wait for more.

    1. Sure you can wait. I have faith in you. *G*