Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Cabbie and the Cop – 28

Simeon had been sitting, elbows on his knees as they talked. Now he leaned back again, looking at Vergil. “A complete non sequitur, but speaking of people knowing things, how did you figure out the first time we met that I was a vampire?”

“Well, you are a bit paler than a normal human for starters, although that could have been because you work nights. It was your eyes though that first clued me in.”

“How? I wear contacts.”

Vergil smiled. “I noticed, but when the light hit them at the right angle, and it did that night, I could see the golden ring around the pupil of your eyes and the dark ring edging the iris. I was fairly certain at that point, but I wasn’t going to say anything. Then, getting out of the cab, the jitters hit. They usually do just as I’m getting ready to begin a job, or end one in that case. I had the crazy need to let you know I knew what you were. If I hadn’t I probably would have remembered my bag and we’d never have seen each other again.”

“Then I for one am quite happy you got jittery. It’s also something I’ll have to remember if we really do go after Calaul.”

When,” Vergil stated adamantly. “At least I am. I guess it’s your choice if you want to or not.” He started to get up, tension and some anger radiating off of him.

Simeon leaned forward to grab his arm, pulling him back. “I didn’t say I wouldn’t help so don’t go getting in a snit.”

“A snit? My life may be on the line and you call my worrying about it ‘a snit’?” Yanking away, Vergil jumped to his feet. “Tell you what, thanks for all you’ve done but right now I’m…”

“You are going to sit back down here and discuss this in a rational manner.”

The aura of command in Simeon’s voice washed over Vergil and he almost obeyed before shaking it off. He rounded on Simeon in a towering rage. “Do not ever try to pull that again. I am not some weak human who you can order around like… like a servant.”

“Then act like what you are and stop trying to push me away.” Simeon held up a hand when Vergil started to protest. “I don’t think you realize that’s what you’re doing. You came asking for my help but every time I try to point out where problems might lay you reject my words. I am more than willing to work with you to take Calaul down but not if you rush into it helter-skelter.”

Vergil took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. “You’re right, I have been. I’m so used to working alone and on my own terms it’s hard for me to do it any other way.”

Simeon beckoned for him to return. After he had, Simeon smiled, picking up his phone from the table by the bed. When he reached the cab company’s dispatcher he gave her a message to pass on to his boss. “Tell him I’m taking a week’s leave of absence. Something’s come up I have to take care of.” He nodded at her reply and hung up. “Now, Vergil, where were we?”

“You were being bossy and I was resisting.”

Amused at his description, Simeon shook his head. “I’m never bossy; I’m just older and wiser.”

“And probably have some tricks which will prove useful against Calaul.”