Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Cabbie and the Cop – 25

“Vergil, in my office, now,” Lieutenant Brewer said the moment Vergil walked into the squad room.

“Is something wrong?” Vergil asked as soon as he was there with the door closed behind him.

“Possibly. Mr. Harwood made bail.”

Vergil nodded. “Not too surprising I guess. Has he gone to ground somewhere or is he trying to… No, he wouldn’t be stupid enough to try to start up again.”

“So far no signs that he is although he’s been in contact with a couple of his partners who also made bail.”

“I hope you’re not planning on my trying to infiltrate them again. I think he knows my face a little to well.”

“And that’s what’s bothering me. Word had reached us that he’s put out a contract on you.”

“Shit happens. People have tried to get me taken out before. I’m still around.”

“Which is why I called you in here,” the lieutenant said. “I want to keep you around for a good while longer. An attitude like that won’t help it happen.”

“What did you have in mind then? You think I’ll sneak out of town and go into hiding? Not happening.”

“Detective Orbryn…” The lieutenant shook his head in exasperation. “You’re not invincible and he’s not a happy camper. He’s pulled in one of the best around to do the job. A man called ‘Calaul’.”

Vergil knew the lieutenant was upset. The man rarely if ever used his surname unless he was extremely pissed off with him, or as now, worried about him. So he nodded, pacing to the dirty office window for a moment, staring through the grime at the street below them. Finally he turned. “How do you know who they hired?”

“Believe it or not, you’re not our only undercover operative. The best, granted, but we do have others and they hear things.”

“Sorry, should have figured. All right, I’ll pull a vanishing act for a bit but I am not leaving town.”

Lieutenant Brewer smiled slightly. “I didn’t really figure you would. As long as you go deep enough to keep anyone from finding you it should be sufficient.”

“It will be. I guess I should get out of here now.”

“Use the…” The lieutenant didn’t get to finish his sentence as Vergil was already out the door, heading toward the hallway outside the squad room.


  1. YIKES!! Poor Vergil. Something tells me though that Vergil isn't all that great at hiding from choice! Can't wait for more!

    1. I suspect you've hit the nail on the head. *G*