Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Cabbie and the Cop – 13

Vergil opened his eyes to find Mr. Harwood sitting on the edge of the bed staring at him. He felt lethargic and yet he was more than aware his body had been used and abused, although not violently. After all, he had been awake more awake then the men had thought, and had understood precisely what they were doing to him. He just couldn’t stop them.

Looking at Mr. Harwood he mumbled, “What did you..?”

“I, personally, did nothing. Let me show you.” The man stood, walking over to a television set on shelves at one side of the room. Turning it on, he brought up a video.

Vergil watched, letting horror and anger infuse his features. “How dare you,” he spat out after a couple of minutes.

Mr. Harwood smiled. “How dare I? You’re the one precipitating things, at least from the look of it. A pretty young man allowing his body to be used by all comers. This should sell very well on several porn sites.”

After making a show of trying unsuccessfully to sit up, Vergil said fearfully, “You wouldn’t!”

“That, Mr. Paley, depends on you. At this point you have two choices. One, you join my small group of, shall we call them escorts? Prostitute has such a negative connotation. The other choice is to have this video, and two more we made, plastered all over the internet where anyone the least bit interested can find them.” Mr. Norwood’s smile was oily. “How do you think your sister would feel if you sent her or her husband a link to one of the sites, telling them it’s, say, a greeting card?”

Again Vergil said, “You wouldn’t,” only this time it was a frightened whisper.

“Believe me I would. I want you in my stable and if you refuse… Well I’ve told you the consequences if you do.”

“This is blackmail,” Vergil protested as he finally sat up, swinging his legs over the side of the bed.

“Of course it is. Can I presume you’ll bow to it and accept my offer?”

Keeping his head lowered, Vergil nodded.

“Excellent. You’ll find your clothes, well your jeans at least, in the bathroom. Clean up, put them on, and then I’ll show you to your new home. And don’t worry Mr. Paley, we treat our men very well as long as they, you, do what’s expected. The only caveat is you are not allowed to leave the house or make contact with anyone, and that includes family or friends.”

“So I’m a prisoner.”

“Think of it more as a permanent houseguest.”

“A slave,” Vergil murmured, regretting it instantly as visions of what it was like to be one flooded his memory. It took all his willpower no to respond to the feeling of dread the word invoked.

Apparently Mr. Harwood wasn’t too happy with that word either because he frowned angrily. “This is not slavery. Think of it as a way to earn money without having to labor for it. The men who use our services are looking for a submissive who will bow to their will, but only to a certain extent. We don’t allow our people to be abused. After all,” he smiled tightly, “it would be counter-productive to have you or any of the men out of commission because a client was over-enthusiastic in their punishment.”

Vergil lifted his head to look at Mr. Harwood. “When does this start?”

“I think tomorrow will be soon enough. Now go and do as you’ve been told.”

Heaving a deep sigh, Vergil stood and went into the bathroom to clean up and put on his jeans. Then Mr. Harwood took him to another bedroom that was supposed to be his for the foreseeable future.


  1. YIKES!! Dang. Didn't think that would happen. But I suppose it has to be part of the set up. Does his boss know he goes to such lengths? I would hope not. Can't wait to see what happens next. I REALLY mean that! :)

    1. It's why he's a good undercover cop. He does what needs to be done not to break his cover.