Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Cabbie and the Cop – 7

Vergil looked at the tall, dark-haired, fairly handsome vampire, a small quirk of his eyebrow the only indication he might have been startled by Simeon's words. “He, then. I trust you put the paper back where you found it.”

“Of course. I don’t need it. I would however suggest you either move it somewhere else or be a great deal more careful with your bag.”

Strolling over to the window at the back of the living room, Vergil gazed out at the long sweep of lawn leading down to fast-flowing stream. Turning back he said, “I usually do. Keep it somewhere else that is. But I thought I’d need it last night for a meeting with… someone.”

“Whoever was at Frankie’s?”

“Hell no.” Vergil laughed. “That was part of an undercover job I was on.”

Now it was Simeon’s turn to be startled. “You’re a police officer?”

“A police detective to be specific.”

“I am impressed. Or I should say I would have been before I knew what you are. Now…” He shrugged.

Vergil snorted. “You still are.”

“Okay, Yes I am. Just not as much, since I know you should be able to handle anything anyone throws at you short of bullets.” He studied Vergil. “How many people know?”

“One. You.”

“Interesting. So how do you explain being able to take on the people you go after who might not appreciate you arresting them?”

“I’m well trained in self-defense.”

Simeon shook his head. “That excuse works?”

“Damn, Simeon, there are a lot of cops who aren’t big, tough bruisers and they survive. Why the hell should I be any different?”

“Okay, I get your point.” Simeon glanced at the clock on the mantel. “And on that note, let me get your bag because I have a job and I really should get on it.”


Simeon returned a moment later with the bag, handing it to Vergil who thanked him before asking, “Why do you work? From the look of this place you probably don’t have to.”

“If I don’t I get bored.”

“I understand that one. Okay, I’ll get out of here so you can get dressed. Thanks again.”

“No problem.” Simeon followed him to the door, watching him walk to his car. As Vergil drove away Simeon wondered if they’d ever meet again. Probably not, he decided as he went to get ready for work. It’s a big city and for sure we don’t run in the same circles… In any way, shape or form.


  1. Oh but they will meet again. :) So good. I went back and read it from the beginning to get the flow of it. I just love it! Can't wait for more!

    1. Thanks, Hurri. Yeah, I have the feeling they'll run into each other again sometime. *G*