Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I could a tale unfold - 23

"You know," Ross said late the next morning as he started dressing, "we're going to have to find those memoirs or whatever they are and see if they're from Charles."

Kirk gave a short nod, more interested at the moment in watching Ross than anything else. "Reverse striptease?"

Ross snorted in amusement. "Better than the real one last night?"

"No," Kirk grumbled, "worse because it means I have to stop fantasizing about dragging you back into bed and get up myself."

"Aww, poor baby." After making a slow show of zipping his jeans, Ross crossed to the bed, cupping Kirk's face in his hands and then devouring his mouth. When he'd finished he straightened again, grinning. "Behave and get up and dressed and tonight I'll take that a step or ten further."

"You're a real bastard," Kirk growled, but his lips were quirked up in amusement.

"Sometimes, yeah, like when we've got things to do. So move it, mister, time's a wasting."

It was early afternoon when Ross and Kirk finally arrived at the theater, after stopping for a leisurely breakfast. Very few people were around at that point, some of the box-office crew, a couple of stagehands who waved to them as they walked by, and two secretaries in the office who were busy at their computers.

"I love the day after opening," Ross commented once they were in the costume shop. "One day of peace and quiet. At least a few hours."

Kirk tossed his jacket on a cutting table then sat, straddling the chair with his arms across the back. "Where's our friendly ghost? I figured he'd be here the moment we walked in."

The notepad on Ross' desk floated up at that instant, along with the pencil, which scrawled, "I'm here," on the paper. Then Otis materialized, grinning. 

"Brat," Kirk muttered.

Otis pretended shock, clutching his chest dramatically.

"Yes, you."

"Children," Ross said sternly, trying not to laugh. "We have things to do, preferably before we actually have to get to work." Otis looked at him in question so Ross told him what Chandler had said the previous evening and what they were hoping to find.

His face lighting up, Otis mouthed, "My Charles."

"We don't know that, Otis," Kirk pointed out as he stood up. "That's what we have to find out. Are you going to come with us?" When Otis nodded and vanished, Kirk chuckled. "Why do I have the feeling he's already there."


  1. Too funny! Wonderful addition. Otis is adorable! I can't wait to meet Charles and find out more about what happened.