Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Silver Publishing Christmas Web Hunt

Christmas comes early this year!!!

During the month of December, SP will be holding an author web hunt. From December 1-17th, participating SP authors will display a Web Hunt graphic somewhere hidden on their site containing a web hunt unique word. Participants in the web hunt are required to search the various SP author sites to locate the total hidden words and submit their entry at the SP Reader’s Forum. All words must be included in order to validate the contest entry.
Sample Image
Winners will be announced on the SP Website on December 19th. For more information go to You must join the Reader’s Forum in order to participate.

Grand Prize:
iPad 2
$500 Gift Voucher (Readers choice of ANY retail or ebook store)
SP Promotional Items: 2 T-Shirts, 4 Mugs, Mousepad, 2 Sweatshirts, 1 Totebag and 1 Notepad

2nd Place:
B&N Nook Color
$150 Gift Voucher (Readers choice of ANY retail or ebook store)
SP Promotional Items: 2 T-Shirts, 4 Mugs, Mousepad, 2 Sweatshirts, 1 Totebag and 1 Notepad

3rd Place:
NEW Kindle Fire
$50 Gift Voucher (Readers choice of ANY retail or ebook store)
SP Promotional Items: 2 T-Shirts, 4 Mugs, Mousepad, 2 Sweatshirts, 1 Totebag and 1 Notepad

Mystery Raffle - Surprise Gift!
We will hide a few words in our SP Forum. Participants who find these bonus mystery words will be eligible to participate in a Surprise Gift raffle.

Have fun and good luck!!! - E.

Monday, November 21, 2011


I've signed two contracts with Silver Publishing in the last 24 hours. One for the third book in the 'Phoenix Rising' series. The other for a stand-alone story. 

I am way past stoked and trying to regain my composure now.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Accidental Alpha #15 by Amber Kell

Accidental Alpha #15

After filling out forms for the police and calling his insurance company it didn’t take much effort to finagle a dinner invitation from his mother.
“Is it all right if I bring a friend?” he asked her on the phone.
“Of course, dear I’d love to meet your friend.” She said in a delighted tone. “Come early and we can chat.”
“Oh I’d love to have a chat with you and father.” Stanley smiled as he hung up the phone.
“Is it just me or are you enjoying this too much?” Fenris asked.
“It’s you. After the day I had, I’m enjoying this just right.”
Fenris laughed.
“Come on Fenris, let’s go have dinner with the parents.”
“Are you an only child?” Fenris asked.
Stanley nodded. “After they adopted me my mother said I was enough.”
“Hmmm,” Fenris said. “I’m thinking your mother is a wise woman.”
Stanley hooked an arm through Fenris and walked him out of the mess that was his place.
The drive to his parents’ house only took a few minutes but he could feel Fenris’ nerves ratcheting up as they pulled through the mansion gates. “Relax, hon, they aren’t monsters, well at least mom isn’t I make no promises about a guy you call the Overseer. What does that mean anyway?”
Fenris shrugged. “You’ll get more information talking to your dad.”
Stanley smirked. “Yeah, he’s a fount of information.”
Laughter filled the vehicle. “I don’t know all the details but there is one per big city. They are born hunters who have the natural skills to kill rapid wolves.”
“So are they like in charge of you.” Stanley pulled up and parked in front of the house as he waited for Fenris’ response.
“No! They are sort of like supernatural cops. They can’t kill unless there are documented problems. That attack by Sebastian will be sent to the proper authorities. Though he’ll probably only be fined it will go against other behavior issues.”
“Good.” Stanley turned off the engine. “Let’s go have dinner.”
The door opened as they approached. Stanley leaned forward and kissed the housekeeper on the cheek. “Evening LeeAnn.”
“Stanley.” The housekeeper’s dark eyes sparkled as she looked Fenris over. “Your mother said you were bringing a friend.”
“This is Fenris.” He wrapped an arm around the other man and brought him forward. “Fenris this is LeeAnn. She’s worked for the family since I was a little boy.”
“Nice to meet you.” Fenris took one careworn hand and kissed the back of her fingers. “You’ve done an excellent job helping to raise Stanley.”
LeeAnn blushed. “I’ve always thought so. Come in you two. Your father brought a friend also.”
Fenris’ head snapped up, his nose twitching. “Sebastion,” he growled.
“Yes,” LeeAnn said with a smile. “That’s his name.”
Stanley felt his stomach flip. “This should be interesting. Let’s go say hello to mother first.”
“There he is,” his father’s voice boomed across the foyer. Standing next to him was a striking blond. Six foot tall with rippling muscles. The smug expression on his face sent Stanley’s blood boiling. “Stanley this is Sebastian.”
“Just the man I wanted to meet,” Stanley said. Marching over to blond, he reared back and slammed his fist into Sebastian’s face.
Sebastian’s eyes rolled to the back of his head and he toppled over with a satisfying thud.
Stanley turned to his father. “Any more surprises tonight?”
To give him credit his father looked calmly at his unconscious guest before turning back to Stanley. “No I think that’s about it.”

           For the previous fourteen chapters go here and click on the links:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Review - 'Hitman's Creed'

'Hitman's Creed' received a very nice review from Coffee Time Romance. 

In part she said:
"If you enjoy sweet romances with a lot of action, adventure and angst, this is the book for you!"

Friday, November 4, 2011

Senator Gretchen Whitmer Responds to Pro-Bullying Legislation

Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer responded to Republicans gutting an anti-bullying bill by inserting language that specifically allows bullying to occur based on religious or moral reasons. This legislation is a step backwards rather than forward in protecting Michigan's students in the classroom.