Saturday, March 26, 2011


Silver just accepted another of my stories, 'Hitman's Creed'. Contract signed, no idea yet when the story will appear yet.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Excerpt from an untitled WIP

“Hey, where you headed now?”

Gary looked over his shoulder and tried to smile. “No where, everywhere. Hell if I know. Just away from here.”

“Come on man, it’s not so bad.” Devin walked quickly towards him, hand held out. “Stick around and unwind.”

Gary glanced down at the hand with one eyebrow cocked in question, and then up at Devin again. “Dance? That does nothing for me.”

“So we do something else.” Devin let his hand drop down to his side again. He was tempted to just turn and go back to the dance floor. To find someone else and sate his need to wipe away the last month. But… He bit his lip. “Come on, just one dance?”

“What would that accomplish? It’s over, done, finito. No more games, Devin. You’ve changed and it’s…not working any more.” With that said, Gary walked quickly out of the club.

Devin watched him go and felt empty inside. When someone touched his shoulder he spun around then smiled bitterly. “If you’re here to watch the meltdown it’s not happening.”

Vanni chuckled softly. “Of course it’s not. He’s not worth it. Come, let me help you forget him.” He held out his hand and Devin took it.

The light, the mass of humanity on the dance floor, the throb of the music, all began to work their magic and soon Devin was lost in a world beyond reality. Faces spun by until they blurred into one, known and unfamiliar at the same moment. Hot bodies, lathered in sweat, glistened eerily under the flashing lights as they moved chaotically to the sounds of frenetic instruments.

Vanni held him tightly while he wove an erotic spell around Devin which only heightened the other sensations. Desire swelled within him just as his cock swelled beneath the tightness of his jeans. He needed…he needed…

“No!” Devin broke free, his eyes wild. They glistened green and red and gold as the multi-colored pulsating beams flashed over them.

“Devin!” Vanni said sharply.

“I can’t… I need…” Devin spun around to thread his way erratically through the whirling bodies to the door.

Vanni watched him disappear, no emotion on his face, and then turned in search of the next man willing to dance with him.

* * * *

Gary was tense and angry when he left the club, although he had done his best to keep the anger hidden from Devin. He was quite certain he probably hadn’t succeeded. The club seemed to accentuate any emotions he felt be they lust, love or just plain aggravation. When all three were present he had difficulty handling them.

Tonight that had most definitely been the case. Going there had been a huge mistake but he had needed one more chance to try to get through to Devin, though why he had felt the club could be the place to work out their problems was beyond him now that he thought about it.

Devin had always been somewhat erratic; his moods could swing back and forth at the drop of a hat. Recently however that had become much worse. Gary never knew from one day to the next whether he would be dealing with the sweet, loving man he had met three years ago or the tension-ridden bitch that Devin seemed to turn into more and more often these days.

‘I wish to hell I knew what to do about you, Dev,’ Gary thought somewhat morosely as he made his way through the parking lot at the side of the club. “And why the hell did I park in the dark?” he muttered when he realized the lights barely reached the back of the lot. He had just unlocked the door when he thought he heard something in the trees that bordered the lot. Quickly he got in, turned the headlights on and then shook his head when he saw a cat’s gleaming eyes before the animal beat a fast retreat. “I probably scared you as badly as you did me,” he muttered in wry amusement.

At loose ends now, and not wanting to go back to his empty apartment, he pulled out onto the street to head away from the heart of the city. When he reached the river road he felt his depression and anger begin to wane as the cool air blew in through the open windows. Within minutes he was at his favorite spot and pulled off the highway to park on the verge. A few yards away through the trees he could see the river, dark and mysterious, the lights of a few houses adding glitter to its surface.

He walked silently through the trees, the sound of the river now louder than the noise of the traffic behind him which was just how he liked it. When he reached the edge he stood, hands loose at his sides as he breathed in the slightly dank, fishy smell that assaulted his nostrils. It reminded him of the lake where he’d grown up. One of the reasons he came here, it brought back memories of a kinder, gentler time before things had skewed sideways in his life.

As he pondered this a night heron appeared, swooping down to land at the river’s edge. There it stood, so still that if he hadn’t seen its arrival Gary might have missed it. He stepped back, careful not to disturb the bird, then sank down to his knees to watch it. And so the two of them remained until Gary’s knees began to ache and his eyes blurred from tiredness. He eased back until he was sitting, arms wrapped around his legs, and drifted off into a light doze.

Friday, March 11, 2011

A major announcement

Take a peek.

April 1st there’s going to be a new blog in town, ‘It’s Raining Men’, but you can get a sneak preview now at -

It is a collaborative effort between Michael Mandrake/Rawiya/Blmorticia, Blak Rayne, Ike Rose, Catriana Sommers, myself (Edward Kendrick), S.L. Danielson, and Andrew Grey, plus various guest authors to give a voice to M/M authors.

Stories, articles, rants and raves, you’ll find it all when you visit ‘It’s Raining Men’. We hope to see you there.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

It’s official, fantasy is not my forte

 The characters I can do, and the plot comes as it comes. But the setting descriptions…holy hell that is not something I find easy to do. Unfortunately for a fantasy story they are almost de rigueur; the forests, the mountains, the villages, the castles, in detail. 

They can’t just walk up a mountain pass, they have to go up ‘a barren mountain pass darkened by the towering rock formations on either side, the late afternoon sun coming through the thin mist doing little to illuminate the narrow, rock-strewn path before them’.

 I drew out maps for the two main locales. –rolling my eyes- Yes I’m visually anal. If I have something to look at it helps keep me on track. I found pictures that somewhat match what I’m thinking as well. 

But the mindset isn’t one I’m used to. 

Dialogue, emotions, I can handle. For most stories just a suggestion of what a room looks like works, a leather sofa, chrome and wood bookshelves, something to give a hint about the man inhabiting the house or apartment, if you get what I’m saying.

Fantasy however is world-building if you want the reader to know where they are, what this ‘strange’ quasi-imaginary world is like.  

It’s most definitely a learning experience that is pushing my boundaries but I am not giving up…yet.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

eBook Week - and Silver Publishing special promo for it

Hello to all and sundry…yes that means you.

March 6th to March 12th is eBook Week and Silver Publishing is hosting a special promotion. From March 6 until March 12, all Silver titles excluding Coming Soon and New Releases will receive 30% discount if the reader purchases one New or Coming Soon release. In other words, if you buy a new title or one on the coming soon list, you receive 30% discount on all other books.

In addition, Silver is also offering an e-reader to a lucky customer during the week in question.