Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trip Around the World to Paradise Blog Hop - Venice

Hi and Welcome to my stop on the Trip around the World to Paradise Blog Hop I’m stop #4

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My contest and prize are down below and so is the link to the next stop on your tour. First...what you'll find here in Paradise.

Where have you dreamed of going?

Humm, where have I dreamed of going? I can think of several places in fantasy novels I’d love to visit. However as that’s not in the least bit possible I’d have to say Venice. The Venice of dark alleys that lead to canals filled with nefarious characters seeking their fortunes, or their enemies. Yes I’m a romantic. I’d also like to see the rest of the city. It’s so steeped in history; murder, mayhem, great art, great architecture. Everything to make a writer’s heart beat faster. And to go there during Carnevale… Fantastico I think.

Here’s what you have to do to be entered to win a copy of my book – ‘Everyone’s Man’
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My book…..

Colin Wilcox, a male whore who only handles clients of the same sex, is gang-raped while on the job. Needing medical attention, he's taken to the local ER and is befriended by one of the doctors. While he's recovering physically, reoccurring flashbacks of the attack provide small images of his brutal rape and he’s forced by Detective Keyes to handle the emotional fallout of being victimized.

Detective Keyes, a rape victim himself, is assigned to solve the crime. When a second boy is gang-raped under what appears to be similar circumstances, he needs Colin‘s help to catch the perpetrators. In the process, he tries to use his own personal experience to help Colin understand he’s not to blame for what happened.  

A slow, but sure, friendship unfolds between the two men that blossoms into love, stunted by the traumatic event.  When the perpetrators are finally in custody,  Colin has to move forward, and the next battle is underway. He must learn to lower the barriers that will allow him to let Detective Keyes into his life for both mental and physical support. Only then will the two men be able to consummate their tender passion.

Please visit stop #5 - Kally Sten -  http://original.kallysten.net/2011/mega-author-blog-hop/


  1. Beautiful blog, Edward! Welcome to the hop:)

  2. Thank you, Kim. It's a first for me. LOL

  3. Umm humm, gorgeous. A bit dingy at the moment LOL, but here.

  4. Venice, I think a lot of peopel wants to visit it one day, including me! :)


  5. sounds like a beautiful story one I will be adding to my tbr list.... =Sharon


  6. Venice would definately be someplace I would love to visit. Your book sounds great, very emotional and heart tugging. Thank you for sharing.

    GFC follower: June M.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  7. Hi Edward. It looks like you're having fun.

  8. I loved Venice when I visited. There was a certain piece of music playing when we walked through some gardens, don't know the name, but it always raises happy memories of our visit when we hear it.

  9. Morning all. Thanks for stopping by. Pender, I am having fun. -grinning-

  10. Venice is romance,art and moonlight walks. I would love to go there one day.

    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

  11. Oh, my...I would so love to visit Venice. My hubs is soo excited for us to travel abroad. Very soon!!!
    Thanks for joining the blog hop and offering a giveaway!


  12. Venice can be romantic Michelle, but also mysterious and deadly I think.
    Thank you Renee, and everyone else, for stopping by. -bowing-

  13. I love Venice!
    Been there two times. it really is a romantic place to be: mysterious, beautiful, historial. You can find everything in Venice!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


    inga from http://www.ingasilbergbooks.com/

  14. Lets all go to Carnevale!!! Your book look awesome!


  15. hi, welcome to the hop!

  16. Thanks, Shirley.
    How 'bout we all pack our bags and head to Venice? To Carnevale as Krysykat suggested. -grinning-

  17. Great post! Venice seems so dark and mysterious. WHAT FUN!


  18. Venice is def a place on my most wanted places to visit :)~


  19. Hi I`d love to go, I`m packing *wink

  20. Venice is a must in my list of places I want toi visit someday! And of course, it must be during Carnival!

    Thanks for the trip^^

    My e-mail is: sontrei2000@yahoo.com.br

  21. Ireland is a place that calls to my soul the culture the folklore and most of all the land. The Emerald Isle with its rolling hills and high bluff overlooking treacherous ocean views. That's where I dream of going.

  22. Sigh!! Venice!! I so want to go to the carnivals. Some day maybe^^

  23. Looks great:)


  24. Okay, yes I'm a space case big time but I finally remembered I was supposed to be awarding a prize. So I hit up Random.org and they did the random choosing. And the winner is, drum roll please, Temperance.