Thursday, February 1, 2018

(17) I am what I am

~ Quinn ~

Doctor Freer’s office netted us nothing that would tell us why he’d been murdered—unless the killer was a patient of his. Unfortunately his files were under lock and key and we’d need a court order to be able to see them. He might have been dead but there was still the whole issue of patient confidentiality. So for the moment at least we were stymied on that issue. After going back to the station house to file the latest reports we called it a night. Freer's home could wait until tomorrow.

Early the next morning we arrived at the condo. It was large, well furnished, and spoke of a man of middle age who thought he was a Don Juan. One with a propensity for making videos of his sexual conquests. It didn’t take long to discover that he was undoubtedly hetero, unless for some reason he chose not to film himself with men. A possibility, Jack pointed out, if he was trying to keep his reputation unsullied. I disagreed. The videos were kept in a locked cabinet in his bedroom closet and therefore not readily available to just anyone who might have been visiting him, unlike the porn that was stored on shelves next to his rather large HD TV. And all of that was definitely of the male/female/ménage type.

His desk yielded us the information that he was indeed unmarried and in fact had no living family other than an elderly aunt in California. His bank account was quite respectable and he had an IRA that would have kept him living in style long after retirement if the market didn’t crash again.

All in all, he appeared to be a middle-aged lothario with a thriving therapy practice and no obvious enemies that we could see at the moment. Of course we’d just started

After an hour spent going through the condo and finding nothing more of immediate interest, we went back to the station house to write up preliminary reports.

We’d just walked into the squad room when we got the call. I took it and sighed as I grabbed my jacket. “Our killer is on a roll,” I told Jack as I started to the door.

“He couldn’t have waited until tomorrow night and given us a break could he?” my partner grumbled.

“Nope. Interesting thing is this time it’s a couple of street punks. They were found half naked, lying in the doorway of an abandoned building a good twenty blocks from the area of the other two murders. The responding officer says their cocks are missing which is why we got the call. Want to bet me where the ME finds them?”

“Nope, that’s a sucker bet for sure.”


  1. oh oh oh boy aaaccckkkkk something is amissed at the circle K LOVE THIS!!!!!