Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors - 50

“Does anyone sense anything?” Jared asked sotto voce as the quartet stood across the street from Kenton’s place.

Aidan stared at the house long and hard before shaking his head. Mor was a bit more hesitant, but finally agreed that she didn’t think anyone was there other than Kenton.

“However,” she did say, “he’s a strong mage who can mask their presence if they’re expecting trouble, just as Aidan and I are doing.”

“Not a happy thought,” Daniel muttered under his breath. “I really prefer to know what I’m facing before I go in.”

Jared nodded. “Then I’ll find out.” He turned into a fine mist, drifting towards one of the windows. Moments later he was inside.

“I hate when he does that,” Daniel grumbled. “It’s just creepy.”

Mor chuckled softly. “More than you’re turning into a jungle cat?”

“I…well yeah, you have a point I guess.” He kept his eyes locked on the house, starting to pace as the minutes passed and Jared didn’t return.

“Give him time, it’s a large place,” Aidan murmured.

Daniel shot him a quick look and was about to retort when Jared reformed at his side.

“Three others in there besides Kenton, elves, well-armed. I’m not certain if they know we’re here or are just prepared in case we show up.”

“Any sense if they’re mages as well as fighters,” Aidan asked.

Jared shook his head. “If they are then they’re shielding that, as well as their physical presence. Otherwise it’s Kenton doing that.”

“As Mor said, he’s strong enough to. Where are they?”

“One is in the living room with Kenton, one in a study next door, and one across the hallway. No one upstairs.”

“At least it’s even odds.” Aidan said. “All right, shall we go pay him a visit and see what happens?”

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