Sunday, July 30, 2017

Guardian Angels – An Interesting Life (3)

"At least he's alive. I did manage to make certain he got away from his attackers," Paddy said as he paced Samuel's office, his wings fluttering in agitation. "I had just gotten there, but not quite soon enough to stop them before they jumped him." He paused, smiling wryly. "This time I almost wasn't late to the job."
"Almost." Samuel smiled sourly. "You did get him out of the car, which counts. All right, you need to get back down there, now that you've made your report. I'm also sending someone else with you to watch over the man who took him in."
"Someone I know?"
Samuel nodded, calling out, "Enter", even though no one had knocked on the door. That didn't surprise Paddy. After all, Samuel didn't get to be the head guardian angel by being unaware of everything that happened around him. What did surprise him—and not in a particularly welcome way—was who came into the room.
Domingo, known to most as Dom, was not on the top of Paddy's friends list. They weren't enemies but they had butted heads a few times, usually over small things while they were waiting for their next assignments.
"Dom," Paddy muttered, looking at the slender angel who stood there. Dom's wings were tipped with the same brown tone as his hair, just as Paddy's were edged in red.
Domingo nodded curtly to Paddy then looked inquisitively at Samuel, after he'd taken a seat on one of the chairs by his desk. "Who needs me now?" He turned his gaze to Paddy momentarily. "Did you blow an assignment and I'm taking over?"
"Póg mo thóin," Paddy growled.
"Pádrig," Samuel cautioned. When Dom asked, Samuel told him Paddy had said, 'Kiss my ass,' in Gaelic.
"As if," Dom muttered.
"Now, if we can get back to the business at hand," Samuel said tersely. "Pádrig did not blow his assignment, but the man he's guarding was hurt. He managed to find shelter, which is good for the time being. However, as a result, the man who offered it may now be in danger himself. He will be your charge, Domingo." 
Dom nodded. "Do these men have names?"
"No, we're calling them 'Man A' and 'Man B'," Paddy replied, shooting Dom a look of disgust. "My subject is Victor Kingston."
"Yours is Evan Reed, Domingo," Samuel told him. "He's ex-military and now owns a security service."
"Then he should know how to handle himself if something happens."
"Presumably. However…"
"Understood. Is there anything else I should know?"
"Only that he—that both men—have to be kept alive. As always"—Samuel smiled tightly—"I can't tell you why."
"The future of the world depends on it," Paddy said with a derisive shake of his head. "Isn't that always the reason?" But deep down he knew that could be the case. The world was like the game, Jenga, at least that's how he thought of it. Pull out the wrong piece and the whole structure collapsed.
"If you have no further questions…" Samuel said. Paddy looked at Dom and they both shook their heads. "Then get moving."

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