Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors - 33

“Where is that bastard elf?” Mor said angrily as she pushed her way past Daniel to enter the apartment.

“Says the bitch elf,” Daniel muttered as he watched her stalk across the room to stand looking down at Jared who was sitting on the sofa.

“I presume you mean Aidan,” Jared replied.

“No I mean Santa’s second in command.” She rolled her eyes. “Yes I mean Aidan. Where is he?”

Jared shrugged. “I have no idea, I’m not his keeper. What’s going on?”

“He stole Circe’s wand.” Mor dropped down on the sofa next to him, glaring.

“He wouldn’t do that, Mor.”

“He would and he did. It came back and much against my better judgment I allowed him to see it. Now it’s gone.”

Daniel sat down on the coffee table, crossing his legs tailor-style as he looked at her. “You were in that room when you showed him?” She nodded. “And he left with you and the wand was still there at that point?” She nodded again. “Then how could he have stolen it? As a matter of fact how could anyone have taken it? You’re the only one who can come and go from there freely.”

She chewed her lip, considering what he’d said. “You have to be logical, don’t you?”

“It happens occasionally. So, unless you told him the trick to getting back to the room, it stands to reason he’s not the one that took it. That means it has to be there still, somewhere.”

“It’s not! I searched high and low and it’s gone!”

“Mor,” Jared said, putting his hand on her arm, “is the case still there, or was it taken as well?”

“It’s there, standing open on the table along with the tapestry that the wand was wrapped in.”

“So either the wand was stolen, or it’s is sentient and has left, or hidden itself somewhere, somehow, within the room.”

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