Friday, May 5, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors - 6

“A nahual huh? Hate those damned warlock shifters. Does Hugon know anything more than that there’s one in town?”

Jared shook his head. “He only felt its presence, and that it’s a strong one.”

Daniel tied back his hair as he thought about that. “He’s not going to be that easy to find then. Was Hugon dream-walking when he sensed him?”

“From the information the Supe Council gave me, yes he was.”

“That means the nahual was probably in the process of shifting at the time.”

“How do you know?”

Daniel grimaced. “I had a run in with one a long time ago, well before we met. I thought he was just a were-jag at first and that damned near cost me my life. We’re going to need help on this assignment, Jared. Neither of us has the magical skills necessary to counteract a nahual in his warlock form.”

“I know of someone who might be willing, but you’re not going to be too happy about it.”

“Oh no, not her. Come on Jared there have to be a dozen others that would be more than willing.”

“Willing, sure, but able to is another question and you know that. Mor is a bitch, I’ll agree, but she has what we don’t, penultimate sorceress abilities. And she’s in the city.”

Daniel’s glare would have quelled stronger men than Jared but the day-walker knew why his partner was upset and acknowledged it with a wry smile. “I thought if I told you she was in town you’d blow your stack. I haven’t seen her Daniel. I just know from a friend that she appeared about a week ago.”

“Yeah, well she can disappear back to the caves like the rest of her kind.”

“And let the nahual get away with whatever he’s got planned? No. If needs be I’ll deal with her on my own but I am going to approach her and see if she’s willing to help.”

“You’re not going near that bitch without me by your side. End of story.”

Jared grinned, wanting to defuse Daniel’s anger. “Let me get your leash and collar then.”

“Keep it up Bat Boy and we’ll see who’s going to be collared,” Daniel growled before a bit of a smile quirked the corner of his mouth up. “Okay, if we have to deal with Mor then I guess we’d better go find what rock she’s hiding under.”

“That’s my man.” Jared wrapped his arms around Daniel’s waist. “You know you’re the only one for me now, so try to curb the jealousy for my sake?”

“I promise I’ll try.”

“Thank you.” Jared’s lips pressed to Daniel’s for a long, intense kiss before they broke apart. “Now let’s go find my ex-wife and see if we can push or cajole her into working with us.”


  1. Jealousy is hard to overcome sometimes. Especially if it involves an ex . And trust is oh so easy to break and a long rode to get back if that happens.

    1. You are right on both counts. So we'll see what happens.