Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors - 19

Instead of replying to Jared’s question Mor handed him the wand. He felt a slight pulsing as if there was power in it waiting to be released---but nothing more. When he gave it to Daniel, telling him what he had felt, Daniel nodded. “It’s the same for me. I guess this answers your question.”

“One question at least. The more important one is, if the nahual were to get his hands on it would it transform him the way it did you, Mor?”

“Let’s hope we never find that out,” Mor replied as she wrapped the wand again and placed it back into the box.”

Jared nodded. “Will you be able to use it for its intended purpose Mor?”

She chuckled. “I could test it on Daniel and see.”

“I think I’ll pass,” Daniel replied. “I’m quite happy being a jaguar, I don’t really want to be anything else, thanks.”

Mor patted his arm. “You’re safe, I wouldn’t really do that even if it worked on Supes. But Jared, to answer your question, I believe that I can. It certainly felt as if it would do that for me. Can you imagine having an army of beasts at your beck and call?”

“I can, but in truth I’m not so certain I like the idea of turning humans into animals for any reason.”

“At least,” Daniel smiled a bit wryly, “if it’s not what they’re supposed to be. I for one wouldn’t change what I am, but I suspect in the grand scheme of things most humans would rather not become their bestial halves just because someone wanted them as a pet or a fighter.”

“And that is why we have to find a safe place to put the wand. Mor has scruples but I would be willing to bet that that is not a word the nahual even has a concept of.” Jared looked at Mor. “Do you have some plan in mind to keep it hidden from him and anyone else who may know about it?”

She tapped her lips pensively. “Perhaps. For now it will remain here as I’m the only one who can find this room.”

“If that’s the case, why not just leave it here?” Daniel asked.

“For the same reason that Jared didn’t want to learn the trick for finding the room. No creature human or Supe is totally impervious to torture in all its many dimensions. However I think there’s a way to safeguard it so that even I cannot obtain it if I am being forced to try. I shall have to think more on that and hope your nahual doesn’t put in an appearance before then. I’m really not big on pain, physical or mental.”

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