Sunday, May 14, 2017

Guardian Angels – Protection (13)

Not too much later, Kip tucked Jamie in after they made it through two chapters in the book. "Love you," he said, "and sleep well."

"Love you too," Jamie said drowsily, closing his eyes.

However, as soon as Kip left, Jamie sat up. The only light came through the window but it was enough for him to make out the furniture. He stared hard at where he'd seen the angel, barely whispering, "Are you still here?"

He sighed when there was no reply. "I guess you left. I wanted… If you can hear me, please watch over my dad. Don't let the bad guy hurt him."

Lying back down again, he curled up under the covers.

There was a tiny sound, no louder than a mouse. Opening his eyes, he peered around. "You came back."

"I did," Hal said softly. "Only for a minute, so I could tell you we're watching over you and your dad. But you mustn't tell him I said so or tell him you saw me again." He smiled. "It's our secret. Okay?"

"Okay," Jamie whispered.

"But you can talk to your dad about how you feel about what's happening. He'll understand, and he'll do his best to make you feel better."

"I… guess. I… okay."

"Good boy. Now go to sleep."

"Night, Angel. Thank you."

"Good night, Jamie. Sweet dreams."

"Why did you do that?" Dave asked.

"So he'll stop worrying. He was, you know, even though he hasn't told his father."

"You read his mind?"

Hal nodded. "I don't think a kid that age can be as—I'm not sure blasé is the right word, but you know what I mean—about what's happening as he was acting. So I checked. He's scared, which isn't surprising. I figured if I told him we were here, it might help."

"Too bad we can't do that with everyone."

"Do you think Kip would believe you if you suddenly appeared to him?"

Dave chuckled softly. "Probably no more than I did, the first time I really saw you."

"Exactly. So we'll both do our best to keep our charges safe and pray we're more successful than I was with you."

Dave looked as if he was going to say something in reply. Then, shaking his head, he hugged Hal tightly instead, murmuring, "That we will."