Thursday, December 22, 2016

(71) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

“Over here,” Mychael said in a whisper, pressing his hand against the wall at the end of the basement hallway.

Pete, Larkin and the others joined him as the wall slid open revealing a door. Mychael opened it cautiously, seeing long flight of stairs.

“How did you find this,” Pete asked quietly.

“My trusty iPhone and the internet. This building’s old enough to have had a fallout shelter, which I'm betting is what Dalca is using, though I suspect he’s made some improvements on it. It was just a case of finding where the entrance had been at one time.”

“Clever,” Larkin said, “I’m impressed.”

As they began moving down the stairs Pete asked, “Any clue what we’ll find at the bottom of these?”

“In a general sort of way. Since it was for the people who worked here back then, there were three large rooms. I’m sure they don’t look at all like they did though, if he’s living or at least has his headquarters here.”

By then they were at the bottom of the stairs. A large steel door greeted them. Pete knelt to study the lock and then took out his case, removing what he needed, muttering, “I’m thinking it’s just locked, not alarmed.”

“If it’s alarmed we’ll be caught like rats in a trap,” Larkin pointed out softly.

Pete nodded, concentrating on what he was doing. A few moments later he pulled the lever and the door opened on well oiled hinges. He slipped into the room and then beckoned the rest to follow.

“Headquarters I’d say, not a residence, if this is any indication,” one of the men commented as they looked around. It appeared to be a typical office with desks, file cabinets, the works. “He’s organized, I’ll give him that.”

“Let’s see what behind door number two,” Pete said as he cracked it open a hair. He closed it quickly.

“How many,” Mychael asked as he touched the butt of his gun.

“Only three that I saw, which isn’t bad, but we need to hit them hard and fast, and silently.” He pulled his knife. “On three.” He raised his fingers one by one then slammed the door open.

He’d missed one but it didn’t take long for the group of men to dispatch them all none the less. A short, relatively bloodless fight and the four Vampyres were destroyed.

This room had two doors. When Pete checked he found one led to what looked like any boardroom of a large company. Off of it he discovered a small suite of rooms that Dalca apparently used as a temporary residence. All those rooms were empty.

“One door left. Be ready, I doubt those four were all the Vampyres here. I suspect wherever they have Vik and Wallace is where we’ll find the rest.” He opened the last door to discover another flight of stairs.


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