Friday, December 2, 2016

(61) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

I read the info Frank has on Dalca. It’s scanty at best. There’s more on the gang itself. Frank’s right. They’re into everything. And very organized. But drugs are their main source of revenue. Everything from grass and club drugs to the real hard stuff. And illegal weapons. No wonder the Feds are on their case. But this gang is so widespread throughout the city that picking up some here and there doesn’t make a dent. Or so it seems.

I’m not sure getting Dalca will make a difference. But that’s not my bother. He’s my prey. The rest are someone else’s business.

And that means getting to him. At least Frank’s info lists his residences. He gets out a map. Shows me. The Vampyre owns a lot. Five different houses. Several businesses. None in his name, but the Fed’s say they’re his. His and the gang’s. He could sleep at any of them. Or somewhere else. Honestly I’m betting the latter.

That means I get to play hide and seek. With a Vampyre who no one sees. His lieutenants are more available. Four of them. Each an overlord of one part of the city. Start at the bottom and work up? Or take my chances on finding Dalca? Questions, questions.

“This one might be your best bet.” Frank points to a name. “He’s more out in the open than the others, and most likely to lead you to Dalca.”

“Out in the open how?”

“He has a house in a nice neighborhood of the city and makes no secret about knowing all the gang members in that area. The problem is, despite the fact that the members hang at his place, he can get away with it. He tells everyone he’s a priest and is trying to reform them.” Frank snorts. “Reform them my ass. But the cops seem to believe it and keep hands off.”

“Bet most of them are on his payroll.”

He nods. “Some are from what my man says. Mostly higher-ups who can keep the others from bothering him. The Vampyre’s clever. He never does anything that would give them a reason to roust him, or gain entrance to his home.”

He shows me where this bastard lives. I’m about to ask another question. His phone rings. He answers. Frowns as he listens. Hangs up.

“There’s a new Vampyre in town.” 

“How do you know? You keep that close track of their comings and goings?”

“I wish we could. This was just luck. One of my people has contacts with several covert groups. He was notified by one of them about this Vampyre’s arrival. Apparently he is to be left alone for whatever reason.” He radiates anger. Frustration.

I’m sure I do too. “Since when do we ignore one of the bastards?”

“When I find out why I’ll let you know. At least we know where he is, which makes me really wonder what’s going on.” He taps the map.

“Hold on. That’s too much of a coincidence him showing up there.”

“My thinking exactly. But if he’s hands off, I wonder if he’s working for the Feds. If they didn’t know what he was… Naw, they do too many background checks. But he obviously works for someone.”

“So I’ll check him out. Give me an exact address if you have one.”

He shakes his head. “Not unless you swear hands off—at least for now. I hate this, them, as much as you do, but whoever is protecting him must have some chops for my man to warn me off.”

“OK, I’ll promise to behave. Beside, this sort of tweaks my interest.” He cocks an eyebrow. I shrug. “I want to see what kind of Vampyre would earn some group’s trust is all. Be interesting to find out how he wriggled his way into their confidence.”


  1. I am so breathing hard each time I come here to read! Wondering if something bad that I have to stop reading and walk around is going on! Lol you make me nervous on what's coming before it gets here!

    1. Good. Deep breathing and nervousness is good for you. -big grin-