Tuesday, September 27, 2016

(28) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

Out of the city for a week. Finding an old Vampyre I’ve been searching for. Killing him. Finally.

Back now. Racing up the stairs. Knocking on Del’s door.

It opens. I unsheathe my sword. Glaring at the creature standing there.

“If you’ve done anything to harm him.”

Knowing he isn’t here at Del's request.

He smiles. His fangs flashing long and sharp. Dangerous.

“He is in a safe place, for now, although he might not agree. If you do as I request I might let him leave unharmed. You have two days, Dhampir. There’s one of my kind I want dead. but for me to slay him would bring more trouble down on my head than I am willing to endure. You, on the other hand, can do it for me without causing raised eyebrows among those who know me.”

He is still smiling. An evil one that makes me want to take his life. Such as it is. I know he’s unable to read my thoughts. But my face. I school it to show no emotion. But unsuccessfully it seems.

He laughs. “Kill me and he will die quite a horrible death. I’ll tell you no more than that. If he means anything to you, and I believe he does, it would behoove you to do my bidding. Two days. Here is where you’ll find my enemy.” Handing me a slip of paper.

“And his name?”



  1. Holy sheet! Bad things are about to go down. You make me so happy! Thanks for being a highlight to my day. Smooches and happy birthday I know it's soon