Sunday, September 11, 2016

(20) Trevor Wallace - Dhampir

“You got off on beating hookers? Let’s see how you like it when it’s done to you.”

Two hard blows to the bastard's gut. He goes deathly pale. Vomit coming up. Tries to swallow so he won’t choke on it.

Hit him again. His cheekbone shatters. Then an elbow. Kneecap. He passes out. Keep pummeling him. Del grabs my hands. Stops me. Only because I let him.

We wait. Del is shaking. I put an arm around him. “He deserves it.” Del tries to smile. Fails and turns away.

He comes to. Moaning behind the gag.

“Are we having fun yet?” A rhetorical question.

Del comes over now. Knife in his hand. Looks down at the bastard. Something goes dark behind Del's eyes. Del puts the point on the bastard's sac. He shakes his head wildly. Tries to move away. Del laughs harshly. Maniacally. Takes the man's flaccid dick in his hand. Presses the blade of the knife against the base. Draws it slowly across. A line of blood follows.

I put my hand over Del's, pulling it away.

“Not yet.”

Unsheathe my sword. Del looks at me in surprise. The man in fear. He’s shaking so hard the bed rocks.

Placing the point at his throat I slowly slice him from there down to his cock. Not deep. But enough. He screams behind the gag. I do it again. Twice. Shoulders to abdomen. Like autopsy cuts.

Blood flowing now. Draining onto his pristine white satin comforter.

Del is watching. Eyes alight with revenge. And suffering. “Enough,” he whispers.

“Not enough.” Answer him. “How many has he beaten? Maybe killed? He’ll do it again, Del. It’s in his nature. Just as it’s in mine to kill bastards like him. Not like him…but with his same mentality.”

I raise the sword. “Don’t look Del.”

He turns away. A small moan escapes him.

The sword flashes down. Severing the bastard's dick from his body. He looses consciousness.

As I watch, the blood from his wounds continues to flow. Slower and slower. I press a finger to the vein in his neck. The pulse is weak. Weakening even more.

He dies.

Clean the blade of the sword on his comforter. Sheath it. Pick up the knife. Del’s dropped it.

Put an arm around Del's shoulders. Lead him out of the house.


  1. That was fabulous, enjoying this story so much! So can't wait to see what you do next.