Wednesday, September 7, 2016

(18) Trevor Wallace - Dhampir

“There.” Pointing.

“Classy place for a bastard.”

Del’s trying to keep up a good front. It works. Sort of. I hear the pain. The anger in his voice. He trembles. I put my arm around him. Just a quick hug.

Circle the block. Houses with big yards. Good. Check out the alley. Late afternoon. Kids play in backyards. Not at his place though. Tall fence around it. No one watching us right now. Casually check the gate latch. Fool. Quickly pull Del into his yard. Hear him gasp.

“Sorry, Del. Forgot right then.”

He nods. “It’s OK. You just woke up a few sore ribs. I shoulda taken my pills before we left.” He snickers. “Or not. I’d be half asleep now and you’d have to carry me.”

“I can do that.”

Smiling even as I scan the yard. Trying to keep it light. For now. Big pool. Bushes along the fence. Around the pool. Glass patio doors. Locked. Probably alarmed. Not taking chances.

It’s a hot afternoon. Hope he swims when he gets home from work.

Beckoning to Del. “Have a seat.” Nodding at a deck chair by the house. Out of sight from inside. He frowns. Sits. I lean on the wall beside him.

“Now we wait.”

“You think he’ll come out here?”

“Yeah. Why have a pool and not use it. This is perfect.”

“What if it’s not him?” Worry on his face now.

“We’ll see him first. Before he sees us. It’ll be dark out here, light inside when he turns on the lights.” Shrugging. “It’s not him we jet.”

He nods. Still worried. Scared too I think.

I kneel beside him. Take his hand. “If it’s not him we’ll keep hunting. OK? If it is, then he gets what he deserves.”

“Don’t kill him Trev.”

“We’ll see. Depends on him.” Frowning. Plan is to kill him slow. But if Del doesn’t want that. “We’ll see.”

It grows dark. We wait.


  1. I hate you I do! You are like a Virgiin with this story so tight that you might squeeze the cum out before the action starts!!! the balls are so blue they look like plums hanging there all juicy! Love you so much!

    1. That is one hell of a description. Jeez. LOL