Monday, June 13, 2016

The Colors of Hate - 39

“These were in your mailbox with the rest of your mail?”

Dean nodded as he watched Kirby spread the three pictures across his desk in the squad room.

Reid stood beside Kirby, studying them. “Taken last night from what you said, Dean.”


“It didn’t take him long to get them developed and to your place.”

“I don’t know which is more worrisome, the fact he was watching us, or that he knows for certain where Dean lives,” Kirby said. He smiled slightly at Dean. “When I said he wouldn’t take pot-shots at you, I wasn’t thinking about a camera.”

“A good camera, not one on a cell phone.” Reid tapped one of the pictures. “It looks as if the two of you were in the shadows from the lighting but it’s still very clear.”

Kirby nodded. “Jones, if it was him, knows what he’s doing.”

“Who else would it be?” Dean asked tensely.

“Probably no one, unless there’s another CVA member in town.”

“Oh, that makes me feel real safe,” Dean grumbled.

Kirby patted his shoulder. “You’re safe, honest. What I wonder is, were copies sent to your father as well.”

“I’d bet my bottom dollar on that.”

“Then I suspect you'll be hearing from him. Want an asbestos phone for when he calls to rant and rave and damn you to hell?”

Dean snorted. “He calls, I won’t answer.”

Reid shook his head. “Not a good idea. Better for you to let him read you the riot act I think. Once he’s done that, then hopefully he'll wash his hands of you, and you can move on.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Dean replied firmly. “This is my home now.”

“I meant move on with your life." Reid said. "Be who you want to be rather than hiding it.”

Dean glanced at Kirby. “Is he serious?”

“Actually, he is. My partner’s one of the good people of the world, so listen to his words of wisdom. He’s seldom wrong.”

“I’m never wrong thank you very much,” Reid huffed. “And my next proclamation is that we keep a good watch on Dean until he does hear from his father.”

“Agreed,” Kirby said tersely, all business again. “Dean, let your sister know what’s happening.”

“Damn. Do you think there’s any danger to her?” 

“No. But if your father calls her, she should at least be aware one of his people has been keeping an eye on you, if you haven’t told her already.”

“I haven’t. I didn’t want to worry her.”

“Then it’s time to. So call her,” Kirby ordered.


  1. Omg sister will be pissed.... Lol love it! So much to think about until next installment!