Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Colors of Hate – 8

“Have a seat please, Ms Travers.” Carrie hesitated for a moment before doing as Reid asked. “I understand that you were at the club last night at the same time Ms Westcott was,” he said after introducing himself and Kirby.

“Yes. I’m sure Jim told you all about it.”

“He did, including about the small scene between you and her.”

Carrie smiled slightly. “It was hardly a scene. I let her know Jim was my boyfriend and she accepted it. With ill grace, I will admit.”

“From what he said, he and Ms Westcott were dating before he met you.”

“They were, but that’s past history and has been for, oh about two years now.”

“That’s when you joined the company?”

“Yes. My brother and I were late-comers. Almost everyone else has been with it since it was formed five years ago.”

Reid nodded. “Your brother? Is he an actor too?”

“Oh no. He’s the costume designer, although in a company this small he also makes some of them, along with his crew.”

“I see. Did Ms Westcott go after him the way she apparently has most of the other men in the company at one point or another?”

“She did, and he ignored it, just like several of the others have.”

“Including Mr Leads?”

Carrie leaned back in the chair. “Now that’s the funny thing. Ange never tried to get her claws into him that I’ve heard about. Sorry for the description but it’s the way I think of it.”

“From what Mr Eckert said, it seems Mr Leads might have been interested in her however.”

“Oh I’m sure he was, because sometimes it seemed as if he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. And last night… Jim probably told you about her dancing with some man and Mal’s reaction. Once we got him away from the club he did seem to relax though, so who knows. Maybe it was just a bit too much to drink on his part.”

“So, as far as you know, she had no specific man in her life?”

“Not as far as I know. I mean come on, if she did, would she be going after every man who lived and breathed?”

Reid chuckled. “I suppose not. Is there anything else you can think of that we should know at this point?”

“No. Look, I wasn’t her biggest fan but she wasn’t a bad person. She didn’t deserve to die like that.”

“No one does,” Reid replied before he dismissed her.

“Her brother next?” Kirby asked.

“I think so. Since he’s not an actor we might be more able to trust that his reactions are real.”

Kirby frowned. “You think the others were lying?”

“Honestly, so far I’m not willing to make a judgment on that. Their stories all seem to agree, other than Mr Leads implying he wasn’t upset when he saw her dancing with that man. We need to get someone over to the Red Moon to question the people there. You go get Mr Travers while I set it up.” Reid took out his phone as Kirby left, finishing his call just as Kirby returned with Dean.


  1. Love it! More I hate that I don't get all your posts..ggrrrr

    1. The only posts I do are here and on Facebook. And you know where to find me both places. *G*