Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hunted – 44

“Don’t shoot me, but you look like death warmed over,” Logan said early the next evening when Skye came home from work.

“Gee thanks. Just what a girl likes to hear,” she grumbled. Then she smiled a bit. “Actually I feel that way too.”

“You don’t have to come with me tonight. I’m sure we can handle things ourselves.”

“Things like?”

“Like whatever needs to be done. Brice called to say Faolán wanted to check out the house, so we could plan exactly how we’re going to get Maximus where we want him without his being suspicious.”

“And that, Logan, I have no intention of missing. Give me ten minutes.” She took off upstairs two steps at a time.

Logan watched her appreciatively before he went into the kitchen to get some water. “Damn, I forgot to tell her,” he muttered as he drank. He washed the glass when he’d finished and went back into the hallway.

True to her word Skye was back in ten minutes, dressed in jeans and a comfortable shirt. “Ready?” she asked.

“Almost. I forgot to tell you, I got a job. I start next week.”

“Logan, that’s fantastic!” She stepped forward and hugged him.

He smiled when she looked up at him then…”Damn,” he whispered, his eyes exploring her face while he put his arms around her.

“Mmm, yeah,” she replied just as softly. She lifted one hand to touch his cheek.


She didn’t bother to ask what. Instead she brushed her lips lightly over his and smiled against them when he returned the kiss tentatively.

“Okay you two break it up before I start blushing,” Kief said from the top of the stairs. “Since when have you two been…exploring the possibilities?” he asked as he came down to the hall.

“Since about five seconds ago?” Skye replied, keeping one arm around Logan so he wouldn’t pull away.

“Well far be it from me to stop you now.” He headed to the kitchen after giving Skye a brotherly pat on the head.

“Well that was a mood killer,” Skye said with a small chuckle. “So I ask again, ready to go?”

“In a second.” Logan put a finger under her chin to tilt her head up a bit and kissed her properly. By the time they broke apart, because she returned it in kind, they were standing in the middle of Brice’s living room.

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