Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hunted – 36

A few minutes after they left the restaurant to walk back to the house, Skye stopped suddenly to look up at Logan. “You can trust me you know,” she blurted out.

“Who says I don’t?” he replied.

“Me. I know something’s going on with you, maybe even something between you and Brice.”

Logan chuckled. “Trust me there’s nothing between him and me but friendship.”

“Well considering how much time the two of you’ve spent together since the first time he came to the house, it wasn’t an illogical conclusion. Especially since he and Noah have a past together.”

“A completely non-sexual one, more or less.”

“I know, I get that, but still there’s something going on involving you and Brice.”

There was an empty bench in front of a closed store. Logan pointed to it and they sat. He looked down at his hands while she watched him intently.

“What do you think of that vampire show?” he said.

“Umm, that was out of the blue, but since you asked, I enjoy it. It’s not as stupid as some vampire movies I’ve seen. The acting is decent and the men are hot.” Skye paused. “Is that what’s going on? Some ex lover of Brice’s is threatening to out him? I guess it could hurt his macho, playboy persona if they did.”

“It’s a bit worse than that. It’s more like death threats.”

“Whoa! No way. Why hasn’t he gone to the police? I mean come on, isn’t his life worth more than the chance that he’ll be outed?”

“If it were that easy I could probably have convinced him to do just that.”

“So what’s the problem? His family doesn’t know and he’d rather they didn’t find out?”

“If he has any family left, they know. Trust me on that one.”

“He doesn’t know if any of them are still alive? Logan, he’s thirty. They can’t all have died off.”

“Shit happens, I should know. So should you, since you said your dad died.”

“True he did, but the rest of my family’s alive and kicking. I have mom, and aunts and uncles out the wazoo.” She frowned in thought. “Someone in your family died too?”

“All of them did. I’m the only one left now,” he replied, his voice soft and virtually emotionless. 

“Damn, Logan, I’m sorry. A car accident? Okay, I shouldn’t pry.”

Logan breathed deeply. “This is where the whole trust thing comes in. I need to trust that you really can keep something to yourself. You need to trust that I haven’t gone around the bend.”

“This sounds quite ominous. The whole ‘if I tell you I’ll have to kill you’ scenario.”

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