Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hunted – 35

Faolán nodded. “I know. That tale is a bit of a cautionary legend within the pack now. Maximus makes certain of that, even as he takes one of us secretly to be his…well lover is not the right word.”

“Victim, toy, someone to use and misuse under the guise that he cares. At least that was how it was for me.” Brice began to pace angrily.


“That still doesn’t explain why you’re here, or how you even found me.”

“Finding you was easy, thanks to Maximus. Well, I guess more because I was with him when he decided to watch that show you’re in. He’d heard it was about were-wolves and wanted to see how stupidly they were portrayed. When he saw you…” Faolán shuddered. “If I was human I’d still be carrying scars. That was when I finally decided I had to get away from him.”

Brice watched Faolán carefully while he talked. The emotions that crossed the younger shifter’s face did as much or more than his words to convince Brice he was telling the truth. “Did he come after you?”

“Not that I’m aware of. I was extremely careful to cover my tracks, literally as well as figuratively. I’ve been traveling ever since, being very cautious but always with the intention of ending up here, once I found out this was where you lived.” Faolán glanced at one of the chairs and sat when Brice nodded that he could. “You were very good at staying hidden. I don’t understand why you decided to be on that show. You had to know he might see it.”

“Until a month ago I didn’t know, didn’t remember, who I really was and what I am.” Brice smiled grimly. “I wasn’t hiding because I didn’t know I had to.”

“Oh boy.”

“Yes. He’s found me now though, and he’s stalking me, which probably means he’s going to find you as well if you hang around.”

Faolán nodded pensively as he stared at Brice. After a long moment of thought he replied, “It would be two against one, if he does attack.”

“Or possibly three. I have a friend, a shifter who helped me remember everything.”

“That makes the odds even better.”

“It might, it might not.”


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    1. Read 1 thru 35 tonight (3/19/2016)Not what I was expecting but pretty interesting so far.