Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hunted – 32

"We can’t let her know," Brice said, his voice tense with worry as he mentally spoke to Logan.

"‘Then come up with something reasonable. Why do people stalk actors?"

Brice shrugged without thinking. “Because they look up to us maybe, or identify with a character we play. Because we’re in the limelight and they believe the shit that’s written in fan mags or the sleazy papers in the supermarket. I don’t know.”  

“Okay,” Skye said as she watched them. “If I didn’t know it wasn’t possible I’d say you two were mind-talking like in your show, Brice.”

Brice ignored her to ask, "How likely is she to keep this up, and how much would you trust her?"

“Like I said, she’s tenacious, like a dog with a bone. As to trusting her, I don’t know her well enough to make a call on that, but as far as I know she hasn’t told anyone you’re gay."

"As far as you know, so," Brice replied with a slightly malicious smile, "get to know her. You boy, she girl, use it. Because for sure as hell I can’t, or won’t."

"You’re an ass. Besides it’s not going to solve the immediate problem."

Brice turned to Skye. “Look, right now I don’t know if this is a stalker or just a random action by someone who happened to see me and wanted to get my attention with a bad practical joke.”

Skye snorted. “Yeah, right.” Then she shrugged. “You’re not going to tell me, are you?”

“Not unless something more happens—and quite honestly, probably not even then.” Brice stood, saying, “I’ll see you tomorrow, Logan?” and when Logan nodded Brice beat a hasty retreat before Skye could start up again.

“Sooo…” Skye leaned forward to rest her elbows on her knees, “I guess I’m going to have to use my feminine wiles to worm the secret out of you.”

Logan’s eyebrows rose. He didn’t know if she knew exactly how much she was revealing, leaning like that, but her top was cut just low enough that he got a good view of the tops of her breasts. “Keep that up and I’ll be putty in your hands.”

Skye straightened quickly when she realized where his glance had landed. “I didn’t mean to…” she said as she blushed.

“I know. I was just teasing. However…”


“If you want to work your wiles, how about you at least do it over supper. I’m starving.”

“Oh my god, a date, a real date?” Skye said in mock shock.

“Yeah,” Logan replied with a grin, “so go put on your best duds.”

Skye laughed. “I don’t have anything better than what I’m wearing now. And if I hadn’t overheard the two of you, I’d have been changed already into jeans and a sloppy, comfortable shirt.”

“Then shall we get a move on and see what we can find that’s, to be honest, cheap?”

“Cheap is good, so yeah.”

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