Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hunted - 7

With Kief’s help, Logan figured out where to find the house he was supposed to go to for the job—and what bus would take him within a block of it. As he walked from the bus stop to the street and turned the corner, he knew immediately from the vehicles in front of it which house he needed.

“Damn,” he muttered when he realized it was huge—a real mansion that stood three stories tall, all white limestone and brick, with trees surrounding it on both sides. He walked up the short sidewalk to the steps and through the open doorway. Chaos met him. Controlled chaos but still… The interior of the ground floor had been gutted down to the studs. He presumed the same held true for the floors above him.

He stood hesitantly until a man came up to him with a look that said he had better have a reason to be there. Logan told him who he was supposed to report to and was immediately handed a hardhat and sent off to the right, toward the only place he could see with a standing wall and a door. He opened it cautiously, and found himself in a small work area with a large table. Blueprints and designs were spread over it and two men stood at one end talking.

One of them looked over, saw him and asked if he was the man from the day labor service. When Logan said he was, the man introduced himself as Mr. Morgan.

“Go find Johnny. He should be on the second floor, short, dark hair, red plaid shirt.”

Logan nodded and went in search him. Eventually, he found Johnny at the back of the second floor. Johnny turned him over to one of the other men and Logan soon found himself so busy he barely had time to think.

Eight hours later he was told to stop for the day. When he asked if he should return the next morning, Johnny said, “Hell yes. You work as hard as you did today and you’re here ‘til this is finished.”

With a great deal of relief, which made up for his aching muscles, Logan left. Too tired to wait for the bus and make the long ride back to the house, he found a deserted spot where no one could see him and flashed back to his room.

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