Wednesday, April 22, 2015

40 - The darkest night will pass…

“You both think that you would never hurt the other but life, as each of you should know by now, has a way of throwing things at you when you least expect it. Things that could change everything, especially in our world.” Rian looked seriously at Kemp and Seth. “They say love conquers all, and in most cases that can be the truth. But not always.” He looked directly at Kemp. “You of all people understand that.”

Kemp winced but nodded in acknowledgement of his words, only saying, “So does Seth.”

Rian tuned his gaze to the young vampyre. “This is true?”

“Yes sir, it is.”

“Very well, then both of you know the odds. Now, if you’re still of a mind to do this, Seth, let us get on with it.” Rian reached for a heavy goblet and the slender knife that lay beside it.

“I am.”

Rian nodded once and then drew the blade of the knife across his wrist, letting the blood flow into the goblet. When there was enough, he sealed the wound before handing the goblet to Seth.

Seth drank slowly, feeling the power of the King’s blood surge through him. Now he understood why Rian had chosen this way to do it. Had he been drinking from the wound itself, he’d have been hard pressed to stop. With the power though, came the desire to do whatever the King bade him to. It wasn’t a feeling that he had to be servile. More that he would obey in order to please Rian. When he had been in Hakim’s thrall there had only been fear. With Rian as his blood Master, there was a deep trust that the vampyre would not ask anything of him that he would be unwilling to do.

“And so it is done,” Rian pronounced once the goblet was empty.

A grin quirked Seth’s lips and he bowed deeply. “Yes …Master. Now your wish is my command.”

Rian rolled his eyes. “Kemp, get him out of here before I take that literally and put him to work cleaning the stables.”

Kemp snorted in amusement. “We might visit them, but not to clean them.”

“Indeed? I heard that you two were headed to the hayloft when my man found you. I would suggest a bed would be much more comfortable.”

“But not nearly as ‘romantic’,” Seth said as he crossed the room to join Kemp.

“Tell me that when you’re pulling hay out of your hair, and other places. Now get, both of you. I have things to do that do not involve two oversexed young men.”

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