Saturday, April 18, 2015

38 - The darkest night will pass…

Early the next evening, Kemp took Seth on the grand tour of the manor house and its grounds. By the time they’d finished Seth was visibly impressed.

“You grew up here. Whew. Do you know how to ride?” They were standing outside the stables when Seth asked that.

Kemp admitted somewhat sheepishly that he didn’t. “Horses scared me when I was little, and I left here when I was eighteen, still not trusting it was safe to get up on one. Now if you want to see someone who can ride it would be Leif. But then when he was a kid that’s all they had.”

“I can teach you someday,” Seth said. “If you want that is.”

“Why am I not surprised you know how.”

Seth laughed. “Because you know how old I am?”

Kemp grinned wickedly. “Old enough that you probably know hay has more uses than just feeding the horses.” He took Seth’s hand, leading him around the stable to the stairs leading up to the hayloft.

“Planning on having your wicked way with me?”

“Several times if I can,” Kemp growled huskily, pressing Seth against the rough stone wall, intent on kissing him until his knees buckled.

“Gentlemen.” A tall young vampyre came around the corner. “The Master requests that you join him and his wife for dinner.”

“Fathers—they sure know how to spoil someone’s fun.” Kemp’s growl was louder now, and frustrated.

The vampyre stood there, arms crossed as he waited.

“Guess we either ask him to join us,” Seth said, smirking at the vampyre, “or go in to dinner.”

“I would highly suggest you choose the latter,” the vampyre said firmly. “Master Rian does not like to be kept waiting.”

“He never did,” Kemp grumbled as he wrapped his arm around Seth’s waist.

Seth laughed. “He’s a parent. They expect immediate obedience or else. At least mine did. So, we’ll continue this later.”

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